Scorpio's horoscope for December 2023

Written by Daisy

Scorpio: Astral Climate for December 2023

If Venus exalts your personal radiance, some people rely on this major asset to warm up relationships that are subject to caution, while others use their power of seduction to reinforce a hold that the other is trying to free himself from. Don't mistake your desires for reality, or you risk confusing the love game.

Scorpio: Mood for December 2023

If Venus assures you of a lighter approach to life, of confidence in yourself and in your powers, you'll deploy an obvious strike force when it comes to expressing your talents, but also your expectations. A winning astral crew or one that allows you to go the distance.

Scorpio: Love for December 2023

Venus exalts your radiance and reinforces your desire to love , to be loved and to please. If your charm is working for you, use it unreservedly to get closer to a partner who's tempted to distance himself, or to attract a partner who tends to shy away.

In couple: Uranus makes you want to take to the open seas. Unless it's the one you love who's demanding more autonomy within the duo. Use your seductive powers to make your partner want to stay .

Single: if you have someone in your sights and they seem to be slipping away from you all the time, count on your magnetic aura to enchant them and make them want to leave.

Scorpio: Money for December 2023

You don't hesitate to plead your cause and demand recognition for your talents and merits. If you find that your hierarchy procrastinates, you'll take your courage in your stride to convince them to accede to your demands.

Scorpio: Work for December 2023

Although your associations may seem shaky and unreliable, and you may feel weakened by elusive partners and interlocutors, you won't give up. Rely on your determination to defend your interests to win the day.

Scorpio: Leisure for December 2023

You're putting all your energy into developing your talents to the full, but also into making an impression in high places. If you have any free time left, consider taking care of yourself as a priority: osteopathy sessions, massages, etc.

Scorpio: Key dates for December 2023

-On the 5th: count on your growing charisma to warm up the rather wintry atmosphere prevailing in your love life. You'll rekindle relationships.
-The 17th: misunderstandings to be feared. Don't seduce the other person by making promises you can't keep. You'll only accentuate misunderstandings.
-The 18th: You and your partner are on good terms. The timing and atmosphere are ideal for making a declaration, making a commitment, or even reiterating a commitment. Whether in love or in business, use your verve to convince the other person to believe you and follow you.
-The 21st: use your current radiance to get closer to a partner who's looking to take the long view. A rather emotionally charged situation electrifies the other person and leads them to look at you with the eyes of love.
-28th: your desires are not orders. To keep things cordial between you and the other person, start by lowering your voice and playing fair with those you like or wish to lure into your net.

Scorpio: Advice for December 2023

A month in which your charm works and your combative energy helps you to make yourself heard. Influences that help you attract and hold the attention of elusive partners.

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