Cancer's horoscope for December 2023

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for December 2023

Projects that you can't wait to realize and ambitions that you can't wait to make a reality. You put a lot of energy into your day-to-day work to advance the cause, but don't put pressure on anyone to make progress without causing trouble. Rely on dialogue, patience and a sense of proportion to achieve your goals without provoking opposition from those around you.

Cancer: Mood for December 2023

It's not a question of dragging your feet, but of having fun, having a good time, daring, even if it means overstepping the mark. If you're able to transgress certain limits, your crazy antics won't affect your relationships or your professional commitments.

Cancer: Love for December 2023

Some projects that have been going slowly are picking up speed again. If you're not lacking in charm or arguments to convince your loved ones to join you in your adventure , reassure them that your plans are too daring for their taste.

In couple: your loved one won't be bored by your company, but don't insist on fancy projects that you'd like to share with him or her.

Single: if your undeniable charm draws attention to you, focus on your personal radiance rather than on prospects that are considered utopian.

Cancer: Money for December 2023

If you need funds to carry out a project, reassure your banker rather than give him goose bumps by presenting your plans in their most rational light, rather than trying to share a few crazy ideas with him.

Cancer: Work for December 2023

You'll be active, reactive and inclined to mobilize to serve your company's interests. You can also count on Venus to boost your creativity. This planetary duo is sure to be a winner if you manage to channel a tendency to propose methods and projects that people find too offbeat and original.

Cancer: Leisure for December 2023

Venus favors the expression of your creativity. Whether your creativity takes the form of art or sport, you love to surprise, astonish and even thrill.

Cancer: Key dates for December 2023

-5th: Put your current charisma to work for your ambitions. There's every chance you'll come out on top if you reassure as well as seduce.
-The 17th: beware of misunderstandings and misunderstandings arising from initiatives on your part that are poorly perceived by others. Try to act and communicate your intentions as clearly as possible to avoid getting into trouble.
-On the 18th: there's a good rapport between you and those who support your projects, which they find exciting. This is the time to unite and rally support around attractive and promising prospects.
-The 21st: if your projects are off the beaten track, don't rely too much on your irresistible charm to get people to follow you with their eyes closed. Put your talents to good use, without neglecting to temper your enthusiasm, which some people find delirious.
-28th: if you go too far and believe you can do anything, there's a real risk that people will try to curb your impulses. This situation is more conducive to trouble than consensus, and you need to manage it by avoiding putting pressure on those around you, who may end up distrusting you.

Cancer: Advice for December 2023

You're not lacking in audacity and even less in charm, the trick is to reconcile your thirst for fantasy with other people's limits as harmoniously as possible.

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