Libra's horoscope for December 2021

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for December 2021

In December, communication is essential, allowing you to close ranks and get your messages across to your family. You can approach your love relationship from a more introspective angle and improve your daily living conditions. At home, it is in your interest to focus on dialogue so as not to offend sensitivities or make too many waves. You have a mission to accomplish in the right way and above all by putting it into practice.

Libra: Mood for December 2021

The first 3 weeks are rather lovely. The Sun and Mercury put you in a good mood, widen your horizons and blow you away with daring projects. Venus, however, has been cooling your relationships since Capricorn, and this is the worst thing that can happen to you. However, this situation must be put into perspective, for it is temporary and, above all, compensated for by other transits that are much more fulfilling. Thus Mars, which enters Sagittarius on the 13th, supports your dynamism and gives you many good ideas. Finally, Jupiter and Saturn continue to open doors for you and consolidate your achievements, so smile!

Libra: Love for December 2021

You are forced to review your way of understanding your emotional relationships to make wiser and less instinctive choices from now on. You must learn from your mistakes in love in general. You are working with a lot of goodwill to transform things in your family circle. Your undeniable charm can rekindle the flame and give the other person the desire to start a home, conceive a child, or expand your relationship in one way or another. It is through dialogue and consultation that you will evolve the best. Sensuality is present, but feelings are not always easy to express.

Libra: Money for December 2021

You must beware of Venus, which does not bring you good luck financially in December. Be careful with your spending and do not buy anything too impulsively. It may be compensation rather than an essential expense. Uranus occupies the sector of your investments and could bring you some good surprises in this sector. Nevertheless, do not invest large sums of money without first seeking professional advice. Times are uncertain, and this is not the time to take such risks. To preserve your wealth, work hard, and increase your net worth. Work remains your best asset! In December, you are in good shape to evolve in your activities.

Libra: Work for December 2021

Don't doubt your abilities, even if you find that your activities lack interest or that your freedom of maneuver is limited. You are aware of what is expected of you and, from the 29th onwards, you express yourself fully and serenely. You find that rules are being imposed upon you that sometimes prevent you from proceeding as you wish. Accept it temporarily because Jupiter energizes your talents and illuminates your personality: your interlocutors are all yours. Do not be too greedy or demanding in business matters so as not to confuse the issue.

Libra: Leisure for December 2021

If your emotional relationships put you under a bit of pressure, Mars will keep you in top physical shape. Take advantage of this to play sports, go for a walk, in short, spend time and relax in good company, whether it be with your family or friends. You're brimming with charm in December, which is an excellent reason to prepare for New Year's Eve together. You're brimming with original ideas and fantasy. Whether it's about the menu or the entertainment, you're a must, and you'll create an excellent party atmosphere. This will make you loved by everyone and guarantee a December that is as fun as it is fulfilling.

Libra: Key dates for December 2021

- On the 4th, the New Moon encourages communication, so take advantage of it to clarify your relationships.

- On the 8th, you are entitled to claim the proper reward for your talents. Still, you don't overestimate yourself, don't make extravagant demands.

- On the 19th, the Full Moon invites you to expand your horizons.

- On the 26th, the current between you and those close to you is good.

- On the 30th, assert yourself and manage your emotional life and express your talents without overflowing.

Libra: Advice for December 2021

Jupiter will boost your energies, take advantage of its support to shine, not to do as you please. Don't shy away from any questions that will help you manage your feelings with more maturity. You are slowly but surely beginning to regain confidence in yourself and in your ability to be happy.

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