Leo's horoscope for December 2021

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for December 2021

Your undeniable charm dominates in December, and you will use it to maintain or even rekindle the flame with your partner or to win the heart of whoever you wish to seduce. You show a lot of goodwill daily to improve your daily life and transform your existence in the best possible way. Just avoid asking for too much and be content to take advantage of the sky's largesse.

Leo: Mood for December 2021

You are in good shape, sometimes too much so, as Jupiter in opposition regularly pushes you to excess. Stay vigilant about your behavior with others, for your temperament often causes you to command more than to ask. You can't bear the constraints and upheavals brought on by a mixed sky, but don't let the weight of your tensions fall on those around you, at the risk of alienating your family and friends. Rely on good communication to clear up any misunderstandings or conflicts, for, in December, you have excellent means of expression.

Leo: Love for December 2021

Saturn is moving away, and you feel a natural relief, as the austere planet was freezing communication between you and the other person at times. Now that you've analyzed the good and bad reasons for bonding with the other person, you can make your choices serenely. You are evolving with the will to improve your living conditions. Suppose you do not lose sight of reality. In that case, if you do not impose anything on anyone, you will have no difficulty seducing. Your many assets will help you confirm your attachment to your partner.

Leo: Money for December 2021

Stay very careful with your investments, as Neptune could cloud your thinking. Your spending is subject to contradictory effects induced by Jupiter, which encourages excesses, and Saturn, which forces you to reduce your lifestyle. It is in the middle that you will keep your assets. Until the 13th, your work and your talents as an orator will help you maintain healthy finances. Still, you must beware of unpleasant surprises if you go to excess. Stay sober without becoming stingy, remain generous without being overly expensive. In the balance, you will find the satisfaction you can derive from your wealth and all your material assets.

Leo: Work for December 2021

You have met challenges and overcome trials, and you will begin to reap the rewards from the 29th onwards. Jupiter favors returns on investments and rewards you for your efforts. You may also benefit from annuities or compensation that allow you to cope. If you wish to change jobs, to be more accessible in your movements, accept to wait a little longer before continuing your career elsewhere or otherwise. You want to serve the common cause. You work to improve things so that the company functions better. If you do not overestimate your possibilities, you will be able, thanks to your talents and charisma, to rally the votes of your colleagues and your hierarchy.

Leo: Leisure for December 2021

Until the 13th, it is in your best interest to practice a sport, to experiment, to go and discover unusual or exotic places. The sky is full of surprises in this field. You will also have the opportunity to be active with your family, whether to renovate your living space or to keep yourself pleasantly occupied with the children. Venus in your daily sector encourages good food, so this is an excellent time to start experimenting with food that everyone will enjoy. For the rest, the Sun and Mercury encourage you to travel, either in real life or from your couch. Watch shows about distant countries that will leave you dreaming and perhaps give you ideas for your next vacation.

Leo: Key dates for December 2021

- On the 4th, the New Moon increases your power of seduction and invites you to fully express your talents.

- On the 8th, don't use an overbearing, even authoritarian tone to avoid offending family sensitivities or your partner's susceptibility.

- On the 19th, the Full Moon invites you to make plans.

- On the 26th, thanks to your appropriate interventions, you can change things to your advantage.

- On the 30th, you will succeed in convincing people of your merits and imposing your style, despite the reticence and resistance you may encounter.

Leo: Advice for December 2021

The last month of the year is tiring for you. You have been through a sensitive period in terms of relationships, but you can now manage your exchanges more maturely. Do not give in to emotional pressures, and do not think that you have all the power. You risk worrying those around you, even though they are under your spell.

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