Capricorn's horoscope for December 2021

Written by Daisy

Capricorn: Astral Climate for December 2021

You spend much of December in gestation. Your birthday is approaching, and you are reviewing all that you have achieved this year. This review is primarily about your achievements, your potentials, and everything that has contributed or not to your ability to express yourself. Until the 21st, it is a period of reflection. Some of you are pleased with the path you have taken, and others are still fighting against resistance that is holding you back in their evolution.

Capricorn: Mood for December 2021

You are discreet, perhaps a little secretive, but rather in a good mood. Your reserve is mostly a sign of your intense reflections as you take stock, just before your birthday, to start a new year on a good basis. From the 13th, Mercury encourages you to express yourself more spontaneously. All month long, Venus gives you a crazy charm that you are not necessarily aware of, but that attracts all sorts of interesting people to you. Until the 13th, Mars supports your activities, and, on the whole, this month of December is particularly favorable to you. You can feel it, and it will put a smile on your face.

Capricorn: Love for December 2021

From the 13th onwards, you are more willing to express yourself, and your partner will be happy to talk with you on all subjects. Venus and Mars give you a lot of charisma and support your sensuality, discreet but ardent. Jupiter favors your exchanges from the 29th and brings you closer to those you love. As the month progresses, you will express your enthusiasm, and your emotional situation will evolve while preserving your independence. Venus exalts your radiance and your power of seduction, allowing you to reconnect with a more positive and glamorous image of yourself.

Capricorn: Money for December 2021

Venus in your sign brings a period of good fortune that could result in pleasant financial surprises! Especially since Uranus, in the friendly and realistic sign of Taurus, also promises positive changes. At the beginning of the month, you think a lot about your future and make plans (real estate, for example) that you start to reveal after the 13th. The December sky is very favorable for your financial sector. Your natural sobriety will help you spend wisely or even save for a rainy day. In short, material stability is well established. It allows you to enjoy the good vibes sent by a supportive sky without fear or remorse.

Capricorn: Work for December 2021

You are in a position to open a new cycle of expansion from your birthday, and you can count on Jupiter from December 29 to February 12 to enrich your address book. Uranus encourages you to take certain independence while favoring security despite a diffuse feeling of frustration. Until the 13th, Mars increases your determination to launch projects that matter to you. You manage to rally support for your initiatives. A nice bonus or a raise could well crown your efforts at the end of the year.

Capricorn: Leisure for December 2021

Take advantage of the first few weeks of the month to get some physical exercise. Some walks alone will do you a world of good as you need to reflect and get some fresh air. In the second half of the month, you'll have the best time in the company of your loved ones, playing board games or watching movies together that you like. You could also try your hand at cooking in preparation for New Year's Eve meals. This will be an excellent opportunity to be surrounded by friends and family around the stove, in a joyful and good mood.

Capricorn: Key dates for December 2021

- On the 7th, beware of ambiguous words that may confuse you.

- On the 12th, do not hide your intentions too much if you wish to convince rather than worry your interlocutors.

- On the 20th, you are most successful when you act in the shadows. Your eloquence pleads in favor of your freedom of tone, which you hold dear.

- On the 25th, you will reflect on your position in the world and your capacity to love and arouse love.

- On the 29th, Jupiter will favor contacts, valuable and pleasant encounters and should allow you to enrich your address book.

Capricorn: Advice for December 2021

December is rich in emotions and opportunities; the sky favors the emergence of the best despite some assaults of Saturn, which disturbs the frequency from the 13th. A little flexibility in your approach will put you back on track for a new cycle that begins on your birthday. Take a step back from the past year and recover physically.

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