Cancer's horoscope for December 2021

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for December 2021

If some of your projects remain blocked, count on better conditions to improve your daily life and make other plans evolve. Relying on dialogue, listening, and a lot of goodwill to make yourself heard and understood, you will end up getting your messages across while waiting for Jupiter (from the 29th) to contribute to your progress and personal fulfillment.

Cancer: Mood for December 2021

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus transiting in opposition in Capricorn may make you nervous, irascible, and sensitive, depending on the moment. You must be aware that your emotions are too often in charge and that you lack objectivity. In order not to spoil the mood, don't take anything as a personal attack. Take a step back and trust yourself rather than waiting for supporters who think of something else. The sky is very dynamic. You need to get out of your comfort zone and out of your bubble. Put on your common sense and get out. Hanging out with your best friends will put a smile back where there were tears or gnashing of teeth.

Cancer: Love for December 2021

The current should flow well between you and the other, the Sun and Mercury favor exchanges. And Jupiter, from the 29th onwards, will offer you a good launching pad for your emotional ambitions, so you will end the year very well. But you are also mobilized by financial obstacles or unavoidable changes to get out of an impasse. Listening to your partner and eager to fulfill their desires, you will give your best to help your relationship evolve. But don't let that stop you from questioning the substance of your relationship and the changes you need to make to keep it going.

Cancer: Money for December 2021

Saturn may limit your spending, especially on investments. Caution is the order of the day for all your financial transactions, especially since Venus encourages deviations, impulse purchases, and excessive gifts. From the 29th, Jupiter will allow you to finish the year in a particular security. In the meantime, take your precautions and pay in cash to better evaluate the impact of your expenses. Don't let your changing moods guide your purchases: make lists before you go shopping, and don't go overboard.

Cancer: Work for December 2021

You will clean up your accounts and, from the 29th, Jupiter will make you want to realize your most cherished ambitions. However, Saturn invites you to be very careful with your money. You will work hard to solve your problems. You will assert your talents and impose your vision on partners who appreciate your initiatives but do not force anyone's hand. Rely on a gentle approach and your willingness to serve the common cause to score points.

Cancer: Leisure for December 2021

Mars supports your physical fitness all month long, so you have no excuse to laze around on your couch. This is an excellent month to get out for some fresh air, even if it's cool. Let your family or friends accompany you on healthy walks that will do you a world of good. Once you're back by the fire, continue to build the emotional bonds you so desperately need. Rediscover the pleasure of playing board games, cooking, and taking on culinary challenges that will end up around a festive table.

Cancer: Key dates for December 2021

- On the 7th, mistakes or misunderstandings can result from unclear communication. If you have ambitions, present them clearly.

- On the 12th, avoid hovering above reality if you don't want people to be suspicious of your overly idealistic ambitions.

- On the 20th, you will guide your destiny with excellent efficiency. You know what to say to convince your partners to adhere to your audacious projects.

- On the 24th, a financial blockage will temporarily hold you back.

- On the 29th, Jupiter allows you to surpass yourself and reach for the top.

Cancer: Advice for December 2021

A little moderation, even if you have all the assets to finish the month and the year in beauty, do not abuse it. Saturn is watching you and urging you to aim high and far but build on solid ground. At this price, you will be rewarded for the efforts that have allowed you to change without destroying everything. Keep up the momentum.

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