Pisces's horoscope for August 2023

Written by Daisy

Pisces: Astral Climate for August 2023

Redouble your goodwill to keep the conversation going. Some people may frown, others may not hesitate to step forward to start a discussion. Keep in mind that it is better to keep the dialogue open than to provoke the other, at the risk of isolating yourself.

Pisces: Mood for August 2023

You have many ideas and you aspire to share them. If all of them do not meet with the approval of the other person, you make an impression. But don't say too much so as not to annoy those around you.

Pisces: Love for August 2023

Lively debates will spice up your relationship and invigorate your love life. If you are discussing a common project, you will not agree on everything, but you will reach a consensus thanks to an open mind that allows you to agree on the essential.

As a couple: lively but productive exchanges are to be expected. You and your partner will discuss things without giving each other any gifts, but with the idea of putting your relationship and the future on the right track.

Single: If you meet someone, don't expect them to accept everything from you. Confront your ideas and make concessions with good grace.

Pisces: Money for August 2023

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Pisces: Work for August 2023

You are full of enthusiasm and communicate with passion on the subjects that are important to you and you convince your interlocutors and partners of the legitimacy of your proposals. Do not invade the space of others.

Pisces: Leisure for August 2023

You don't want to be alone in your corner. Count on your verve, your quick wit to attract attention and make others want to follow you.

Pisces: Key dates for August 2023

-On the 1st : the Full Moon invites you to take a step back from events while Mars urges you to express yourself openly, even if it means putting pressure on the other person. You need to reconcile these tendencies to avoid running into the fog.
-The 9th: tempted to provoke your entourage, put water in your wine and collaborate, adapt and do not generate misunderstandings or conflicts.
-On the 16th: dissensions will arise if you take a malicious pleasure in destabilizing everyone. On the other hand, if you rely on your originality to make an impression, you have every chance of scoring points.
-The 22nd: If someone tries to demolish your dreams, reply gently rather than get angry. You could be wasting your time.
-The 25th: If a project is on your mind, defend it, your commitment allows you to move things forward and convince anyone you want.

Pisces: Advice for August 2023

This hectic month allows you to have promising exchanges with everyone. Don't abuse this ease of communication to get the audience drunk.

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