Libra's horoscope for August 2023

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for August 2023

Projects dear to your heart are beyond your means and put you in a delicate situation. Beware of the sin of gluttony that leads you too far. Whether it be sensual desires or tastes of luxury, channel your energies so that they work effectively.

Libra: Mood for August 2023

Carried by an underground energy that changes things, don't waste your chances by trying to get what you covet by force. A miscalculation to avoid if you wish to progress.

Libra: Love for August 2023

A project dear to your heart has been enriched by thoughts that allow you to envisage the future. Do not accelerate the movement and take the time to convince those who support you, do not give the impression that you are forcing them.

In couple: put your energy in the service of the slow but sure evolution of a personal project which modifies your existence. Everyone will follow you if you do not force anything.

Single: you are enchanted by the prospects. Don't rush things, don't flaunt it openly, your tender plans are slowly but surely coming true.

Libra: Money for August 2023

The sky supports your initiatives and favors your income, but do not abuse this tendency to lose your sense of proportion.

Libra: Work for August 2023

Rely on discretion to move forward, your discreet strategies will prove to be highly effective. Don't overly solicit the support of those who hold the reins and the money and who find your project too costly.

Libra: Leisure for August 2023

Choose activities that do not overtax your subtle energies. Opt for disciplines that allow you to recharge your batteries and recover rather than for extreme sports.

Libra: Key dates for August 2023

-On the 1st : the first Full Moon of the month favors your personal development, invites you to shine, to seduce, to love. You use your assets to direct events to your advantage.
-The 9th: If you do as you please, don't go overboard. Not everything is allowed, keep a sense of proportion.
-The 16th: You are taking rash risks. Adjust your moves, take a step back to better target your interventions and for them to bear fruit.
-The 22nd: your carelessness and overconfidence will end up costing you dearly. You are not safe from a mistake or a trap that you fall into.
-The 25th: by using strategy and not rushing into anything, you will transform a family situation as you had hoped.

Libra: Advice for August 2023

The sky invites you not to reveal your batteries. This strategy will pay off better than any show of force or attempt at coercion.

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