Aquarius's horoscope for August 2022

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for August 2022

Are your intentions good and your personal projects innovative? Then take the time to explain to your loved ones what you are thinking and what you expect from the changes underway. Rather than force your way through, you'd instead rely on creative and constructive exchanges to change things without offending anyone. And if you find it difficult to let go of the reins completely, try to demonstrate to others that your objectives are not incompatible with the family's blossoming.

Aquarius: Mood for August 2022

You maintain positive, creative, and pleasant exchanges with those around you. Your lightness is appreciated, which does not exclude honest and attentive listening. These dispositions will seduce if you do not abuse your popularity to impose what you like. Everything is moving fast, and you are dealing with events that could change your life. Beware of possible clashes with those around you. You may feel cut off from the world and unable to communicate without running into a wall. Try to get out of your ivory tower and step toward the other.

Aquarius: Love for August 2022

Venus invites you to listen to others, close ranks with your partner, or establish close ties with a new acquaintance, but do not try to control anyone. You use your goodwill for your private and family life. Whether it's a quick move or a decision that will upset your bearings, you won't be bored! But beware of the risk of conflict with those around you. Your somewhat rigid attitude will cause problems in the family, where your darker moods will not necessarily be taken in. Put your best foot forward and work to smooth things over in your daily life. Above all, take a step towards each other, so you don't end the month frustrated.

Aquarius: Money for August 2022

Advantageous agreements are reached, contracts signed. The trick is not to ask for too much so that you are not seen as too greedy. August seems to be primarily devoted to managing stewardship of changes that mobilize your attention and keep you busy.

Aquarius: Work for August 2022

Jupiter makes it easy to talk to others and gives you a verve and a radiance that will attract and hold the attention of your partners and interlocutors. You will make a great impression on people and gather support for your proposals. Still, you should avoid putting pressure on anyone. You do not lack goodwill to serve the common cause in August. Just certain flexibility and a sense of diplomacy that has deserted the ranks. Mobilize to fulfill your duties without making a fuss.

Aquarius: Leisure for August 2022

You are eager to get out into the world around you and take your loved ones on an adventure. Whether relaxing at the beach or taking off for Mars, you can't do it alone. Cultivate your gifts, dig into your potential, and keep your mind busy. To escape the ambient greyness and come out of your shell (at least a little). And if nothing tempts you, do some volunteer work.

Aquarius: Key dates for August 2022

-On the 1st, significant changes are in store for your family. A move to another place or another way, on the hoof.
-On the 7th, be careful not to impose anything on your loved ones at the risk of putting up a wall between you and them.
-On the 11th, you are working to improve your living conditions for the good of all. However, do not forget to ask for the other's opinion and consider it.
-On the 18th, the current passes well between you and those you love, and you seem to function in osmosis with the world around you.
-On the 27th, beware of taking into account only your rights in your family.

Aquarius: Advice for August 2022

This is a month where others will count more than ever. No question of isolating yourself, but instead of teaming up. Whether on vacation or at work, cultivate your relationships, and they will repay you. This month marks a turning point in your life. If you've been waiting for a while to change things, the change is now.

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