Scorpio's horoscope for April 2023

Written by Daisy

Scorpio: Astral Climate for April 2023

-Use dialogue to maintain harmony and address sensitive issues in the family without turning the discussion into a confrontation. Don't take anything lightly and, if you feel that the relationship is questionable, address your responsibilities and those of the other in a constructive way.

Scorpio: Mood for April 2023

Determined to get what you want and ready to raise your voice if the debate drags on from the 21st, you plead your case and no one can resist your arguments.

Scorpio: Love for April 2023

You aspire to change the relationship plan to live more freely, independently of your stories. It is a question of making the relationship evolve so that it lasts. If the dialogue remains open, it slows down from the 21st.

In a Relationship: there is no question of separating but exchanging with the other person to find an agreement to evolve towards a less stifling relationship. You will return to the charge if the discussions are productive from the 21st.

Single: you are building relationships that are more respectful of your need for independence. If discussions slow down from the 21st, you will not give up.

Scorpio: Money for April 2023

If you are fighting for recognition of your talents, you put pressure on for a positive response. If negotiations drag on from the 21st, you will not give up.

Scorpio: Work for April 2023

Plan for an active second half of the year. Mars sharpens your ambitions and gives you a conqueror's mind, even if from the 21st, exchanges are less fluid. You will not give up defending your interests and pleading for freedom of movement.

Scorpio: Leisure for April 2023

You aspire to let off steam, to express your energy elsewhere than in relational jousts. Throw yourself a challenge that allows you to spend yourself to channel your energy.

Scorpio: Key dates for April 2023

-The 3rd: dissensions in the family inflame the debates. Recurring problems must be tackled despite clashes and friction.

-The 7th: The current is flowing between you and your loved one. A time of grace to be savoured and prolonged by enchanting the relationship and daily life.

-The 11th: by accepting to question your achievements and your habits, you will be able to tackle and dig into sensitive subjects with your family. Your initiatives brighten up the day.

-The 14th: avoid playing with each other's emotions to not dampen the mood in love. It's time to identify what is driving you to engage in slippery terrain in love.

-The 29th: you want to change your relationships and spare no effort to transform what needs to be changed. Even if it means breaking with the past.

Scorpio: Advice for April 2023

A month to move forward, defend your values, realize your ambitions, and demand that you be allowed to live as you wish.

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