Capricorn's horoscope April for 2023

Daisy | 11/04/2012 - Last modified: 18/12/2020

The pressure that emanates from Aries begins to subside and happiness never comes alone, you benefit from the energies circulating in Taurus. With Saturn nearby, your mood is more conciliatory. This month, you are still driven by your ambitions, but in a more calm and orderly way. Throughout this month, Mercury helps you take stock of your wishes. Its retrograde, from the 22nd, encourages you to return to a project that has remained unresolved. Take the opportunity to focus on what you like or what allows you to exploit your talents. The only shadow on the board is Mars in Cancer, which will try to deflect you from your path. How? By taking you by the feelings!

Love in General:

Thanks to the energies of Taurus, your loves evolve in an atmosphere that is marked by stability. They make you feel good about life and that's a good thing. This month, try to experience the virtues of romanticism. This will save you from disappointments that you can largely do without.

In a relationship:

Your union resumes its cruising speed. It suits you in every way. However, it is possible that in the long run, your other half gets bored! To avoid crises, take the occasional distracting initiative.


A meeting may surprise you and seduce you, but that's no reason to listen to the siren song. Instead, keep your habits and make more acquaintances. That done, you can get down to business.

Career / Finance:

Your daily work continues to give you a hard time. You have to make concessions and find compromises to achieve your goals. Alas, this is starting to tire you seriously. Suddenly, your patience is more and more limited. Capricorn, if around the 6th, you're ready to break out, get some fresh air. This will avoid creating an unprecedented conflict that you will find difficult to resolve and which, as a bonus, will make life even more challenging. On the financial side, this sector is doing well, because you are naturally thrifty and an excellent manager.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

To make you give in, people take you by the feelings and it plays tricks on you. This time, take the lead. How? Investing at the right time.


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