Sagittarius's horoscope for April 2020

Written by Daisy

You will have opportunities to express your personality and creativity or launch a new cycle of expansion after a challenge. You want to discover yourself, but you do not necessarily know how to do so. This month is rich in events and celestial movements. It is in your interest to calmly approach this month to take advantage of the state of affairs without abusing it. Otherwise, you risk paying the price.

Sagittarius: Love horoscope for April 2020

Love: Don't Go it Alone!

Dialogue is encouraged. Venus invites you to take a step towards the other, listen to them, and respect their advice. The Sun strengthens your radiance. You close ranks and reignite the flame, Sagittarius. You worry about your partner, not flattering your ego.

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): Go Gently!

If you muzzle your impatience, you can establish a constructive dialogue with the other. However, beware of overflows if you are in a rotten mood. The flow is bad. If you do not make an effort, you feel a little lonely in the world In a Relationship, calm down and lower your tone so that the exchanges do not slip. Smooth things over in the discussions so that they do not end in deadlock. Single, you are not looking to seduce, you want to be obeyed. Keep the dialogue open so that your exchanges do not hit a wall.

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): You Know How to Do It!

You communicate with family benevolence. We listen to you because you get your messages across smoothly. You can dazzle, charm, and bewitch anyone. Everyone finds you interesting. You have no trouble influencing those around you. In a Relationship, you communicate in osmosis with your loved ones who share your vision of things. You are convincing. We want to believe in you and follow you. Your arguments bear fruit. Single, you are irresistible, you seduce whoever you want. The Sun strengthens your aura and Venus invites you to forge close ties, enough to be unanimous. Count on your determination to close all files to your advantage.

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st): The Best Becomes the Enemy of Good!

Heaven helps you harness your potential. You want to strengthen your finances and show your professional talents. Jupiter and Pluto help you get out of the shadows and improve your living conditions. Do not waste your chances by asking too much. Be content with what you are granted. This should be enough to rejoice. In a Relationship, you benefit from exceptional conditions to revitalize your professional life and this bonus influences your family life. You can share it with your loved ones by improving everyone's comfort. But do not overdo it, your excessive appetites slow down your development. Single, bet on heavenly favors to express your talents. No one will be indifferent to your arguments because the Sun exalts your charm. Bewitch whoever you want. But don't be too demanding, at the risk of worrying those who were ready to succumb.

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Listening, tact, and nuance are recommended. Stay measured and open to dialogue to find someone to team up with.

Sagittarius: The thread of the month for April 2020

The First Week,

The 4th, you understand your loved ones. You are in unison with your entourage, and you evolve at ease. Bet on reason and the good of each one to communicate positively. The 5th, you benefit from powerful waves, which help you take off. But do not abuse your rights. The 7th, watch out for verbal slip-ups and incidents that punctuate your day and make trouble. Privilege dialogue to convince. The 8th, the current passes and finances or professional openings allow you to view the future with a smile. The full Moon invites you to make bold plans. The 11th, serene exchanges are necessary to make yourself heard and understood.

The Second Week,

The 14th, you lack neither charisma nor scale, but your enormous appetites push you to a fault. Control these possible overflows. The 15th, everything is possible now, but stay realistic. The 18th, you put yourself within reach of the other to close ranks or charm. The 19th, lead the discussions firmly and do everything possible to ensure that your proposals are adopted.

The Third Week,

The 21st, a stagnation or a certain rigidity blocks the exchanges and slows down your progress. The 23rd, the new Moon recommends that you work to serve your interests and those of the community. Team up! The 25th, you are trying too hard to put yourself forward. We are wary of you. The 26th, do not try too hard to distinguish yourself so as not to worry those who want to give you their full confidence.

The Fourth Week,

The 28th, you risk ending the month in a dead-end if you are too stubborn and don't take into account the advice and needs of others.

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