Archive of yearly horoscopes from 2019 till 2025

Written by Alison

Your Annual 2025 Horoscope

The year 2025 begins with Jupiter in retrograde in the sign of Gemini. Until the beginning of February, Jupiter in retrograde promotes inner fulfillment rather than social development. Ideals are reassessed, we reject what is not in accordance with our nature and we assimilate what is beneficial to us. In June, Jupiter, which will resume cruising speed, moves into Cancer for the rest of the year. Emotions are elated. Family takes on a lot of importance. Gourmet pleasures, whether cooking or sensuality, are also on the agenda. This atmosphere, focused on the home, requires adapting your relationships with those around you so they are balanced and fulfilling.

Discover 2024!

In 2024, Jupiter crosses Taurus and emphasizes the acquisition of material goods as well as the search for comfort and pleasure. It's square with Pluto, which can, in the first months, encourage excess. Thus, it will be good to think before spending or investing excessively. Everyone seeks to live peacefully, in a comfortable context, making the most of what life has to offer: we consciously appreciate what we have been able to acquire. Feelings also take up a lot of space, with strong cravings that can sometimes induce jealousy or possessiveness. But overall it's a year full of well-being and simple pleasures.

2023 Horoscope

This year, Jupiter will be in Aries. This large planet expansive in the voluntary sign of Aries is an open door to success for some and to excess for others, according to what you will do with this overflowing energy. Personal initiatives will be promoted, but egocentrism and intolerance will also be encouraged. Everyone has to make a difference and make the best use of this powerful influence.

2022 Horoscope

To better understand the influence of this transit on your personal life, quickly discover, sign by sign, our horoscope 2022. Jupiter will spend this year in the sign of Pisces where it will take on a superior dimension. Jupiter, always expansive, will be tinged with spirituality: our ways and tendancies will be more oriented towards collective interests and compassion, benevolence, self-giving for the common good should illuminate this very humanistic year. Discover without delay, sign by sign, the influence of this year 2022, in your personal life.

2021 Horoscope

The year is marked by the passage of Saturn in Aquarius where he joins Jupiter. The atmosphere will be more liberal, everyone will take responsibility and be more autonomous. Ideals are going to be amplified, at the risk, for some, of turning to a certain intolerance ... Changes, yes! But in peace and harmony! To find out what and how to positively change the main axes of your life, read your horoscope 2021, sign by sign!

2020 Horoscope

Year 2020 promises to be a constructive one with Jupiter in Capricorn, but there will be upheavals with Saturn in Aquarius, square Uranus in Taurus.
What does this mean for your birth sign? Find out by browsing through our complete new horoscope for 2020!

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