Your 2025 horoscope

Written by Alison

Friends of the Zodiac, 2025, has not finished surprising us! 2025 is a reflection of change. Pluto in Aquarius leads the dance. Little by little global transformations will take place. The pleasures of communication, human contacts, and lifestyles are changing. We are witnessing an elevation of mentalities. In 2025, we dust off specific ideas. We refurbish everything (or almost).

Renewal and dynamism are the big winners. Thoughts are creative. We take care not to make the same mistakes again. We innovate and shake up old traditions. This year, there is fantasy in the air. The Trine Pluto Aquarius / Uranus Gemini, predicts an unprecedented transformation in the field of communication. We are spectators of a dialogue aimed at education. Pluto in Aquarius upsets the codes, and points the finger at talent, quick thinking, and the strength to build a better life. The states of mind evolve in a favourable current. We can expect to live excellent prospects for the future, with the feeling of anchoring in reality. In 2025, we are testing new experiences and aiming for the highest goals in a continually improving energy. Let the projects begin!

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