2024 horoscope Cancer

Written by Susan

You are nurturing a project that could revolutionize your life, embody an ideal, and bring people together around a mission. Some are trying to gain support (from friends, family, colleagues) for these prospects (around April 21, May 23), while others rely on more subtle strategies, actions taken in the shadows (June 3). However, precautions must be taken so that your initiatives don't backfire, especially in the second half of the year when you should conserve your support to maintain momentum while covering your bases. Don't try to force things as around August 19 and December 24, you'll have to deal with annoying obstacles. You'll be asked to structure your projects, grounding them on a solid base. Rely on patience for success.

Cancer First decan, your 2024 horoscope

(21st June to 1st July)

Under Pluto's influence, major changes are on the horizon. Some will feel the precursors between January 21 and September 1 and then from November 20. This slow process will conclude in 2044. If you feel the need to evolve, don't resist, let go! Rely on Jupiter until February 21 to complete a project, laying the groundwork for another life concept starting in June 2025. Take your time (between May 26 and July 9) to solidify its foundation to ensure your plans stay on track. The time for significant changes has arrived; go with the flow rather than clinging to the past.

Love: inner evolution (revolution)!

Prepare for some turbulent times until 2030. You're urged to transform, retaining only those aspects of your personal history that help you grow. This inner work is a crucial step in your life journey. Rely on Jupiter (between May 26 and July 9) for support in this process, especially around June 3. Whether in a relationship or not, you should evaluate your bond and the way you function as a pair. This work is essential if you wish to manage your relationships more calmly. Venus encourages you to be attentive to others between January 23 and 31, promotes tender projects between April 29 and May 7, and gives you irresistible charm between June 17 and 25. Care for your family from August 29 to September 6 and use heightened magnetism (between September 23 and October 3) to charm. At the end of the year (between November 11 and 20), some may want to commit or recommit.

Social Life: values to redefine?

Since 2023, Pluto has been urging you to revisit your core values and is ready to shake things up if you resist. You need to reevaluate your relationship with money, material possessions, and the power dynamics in your life. Until February 21, Jupiter supports your projects; you have the backing of your network to grow. However, between May 26 and July 9, take a step back to refine plans and strategies and gain the discreet support of those who advocate for you. Mars endows you with persuasive power effective between January 4 and 17. You have enough authority to make your voice heard higher up from April 30 to May 13. You're motivated to push your projects forward from June 9 to 22 and won't let anyone dictate your actions from September 4 to 22. You showcase your talents and potential from November 4 to January 6, 2025.

Well-being: sustained!

2024 urges you to reassess your priorities and determine what truly matters. Jupiter (until February 21) ensures you have the support of those who appreciate you. This friendly guidance helps you move forward without stumbling. Between May 26 and July 9, Jupiter replenishes your energy, prepare for what's next without rushing. Pluto pushes you to evolve, but Jupiter provides enough fuel to undergo the transformation without faltering.

Cancer First decan: Your advice for 2024

2024 pressures you to definitively clear out what clutters your life, but you have support to manage ongoing or upcoming transformations. Since March 2023, you've been redefining your values, grounding them in something solid. This continues in 2024; your inner voice guides you.

Cancer Second decan, your 2024 horoscope

(2nd July to 12th July)

You aspire to renew your destiny, open yourself to other perspectives, and change your environment, or even your surroundings. Rely on Uranus until March 13 to meet your aspirations. Jupiter takes over by encouraging such initiatives between February 21 and April 13. You approach 2024, determined to charge ahead and take risks. But in early March, August 19, and at Christmas, Saturn urges you to review your values based on the recent experience to temper your enthusiasm and slow your momentum.

Love: Back to basics?

Since 2020, Uranus has encouraged you to maintain intense friendly and social relationships rather than flirt. Even if one doesn't prevent the other, you join groups and form unusual bonds. From March 13, Uranus stops influencing your daily life, but Jupiter takes over between February 21 and April 13. This is an invitation to engage with the world around you and make plans involving your loved ones. However, from August, pressures slow down this movement. Saturn calls on you to organize your consciousness, redefine your values, even if it means curbing your flights. Venus enhances your exchanges between January 31 and February 8 and induces enticing projects between May 7 and 15. You shine between June 25 and July 3, and show extra care to your loved ones between September 6 and 14. From October 1 to 9, you get closer to your conquests between November 20 and 28.

Social Life: Enthusiasm to moderate!

Bet on the dynamic first semester to move towards an inspiring world. Uranus encourages bold projects and invites you to surround yourself with motivating relationships until March 13, while Jupiter (between February 21 and April 13) expands your social circle, supporting your actions. These prospects boost your enthusiasm and morale until early summer. Then, Saturn enters the realm of your values, weighing on your daily life from summer. You must temporarily revise your plans downward to allow a new moral consciousness to anchor in you. A feeling of frustration might dominate the second semester (in August and December). Don't avoid this regulation work; adapt to this constraint to open a new expansion cycle from summer 2025.

Well-being: Don't give up!

Until April, Jupiter keeps up your morale and determination. Take advantage of the first semester to energize yourself, as from summer, obstacles will hamper your impetus. Rely on your reserves to hold firm until Saturn moves away (end of February 2025) and you've absorbed its crucial lessons. Take it easy between August 4 and 19, so your energies don't turn against and weaken you.

Cancer Second decan: Your advice for 2024

Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by a feeling of discouragement due to Saturn's influence from summer onwards. Don't give up and reconcile your duty for rigor and hope for the future. Don't force the issue, don't feel sorry for yourself, and wait for your moment, at the end of July 2025. By incorporating new moral rules, drawn from experience, you will successfully achieve your goals in 2025.

Cancer Third decan, your 2024 horoscope

(13th July to 22nd July)

In 2024, strong winds force you out of your comfort zone to confront reality and handle an event that shatters your old landmarks. The heavens support you around April 21 and May 23, offering the opportunity to broaden your horizons and realize a dream. The first semester could revolutionize your life or suddenly steer it onto unexpected tracks.

Love: Eyes on the future!

During the first semester, circumstances test your adaptability to induced or unexpected events. New growth perspectives push you to shuffle the deck differently or elsewhere. The change mainly occurs around April 21 (triggering element) and then around May 23 when your future seems very promising, taking on a different dimension. Venus favors commitments between February 8 and 16 and secures the support of your loved ones from May 15 to 23. Between July 3 and 11, you double your attention towards your loved ones, and nobody can resist your charm from October 9 to 17. Stay tuned to your partner between November 28 and December 7.

Social Life: A shift in perspective!

No longer can you continue your current professional trajectory. Around April 21, you decide on a major change to feel free to be yourself once more. Some choose to start their own business, while others move abroad or embark on new adventures. Generally very attached to your security, you now take risks and dare. Your choices lead to the realization of ambitions that give meaning to your life around May 23. Between January 31 and February 13, Mars boosts your desire to leave a mark. You assert your ambitions between April 17 and 30, and you make a stand in the public eye between May 26 and June 9. You defend your vision of the future from July 6 to 20. Mars endows you with great force between October 11 and November 4; use it to persuade, not to constrain.

Well-being: More freedom in your actions!

From March 13, Uranus energizes your projects and propels you out of your usual boundaries. This turmoil can be unsettling, but you manage it rather well. Jupiter enhances your energy and enthusiasm, and you gain support from your family, professional associates, and social partners. Pluto stops influencing your relational world from November 20, allowing more serene interactions with others. This welcomed release lets you approach the future fully empowered.

Cancer Third decan: Your advice for 2024

2024 offers opportunities for changing your path or life. Don't hesitate to free yourself from beliefs or complexes that held you back. Let go, believe in yourself and your destiny. This year may disrupt your landmarks but delivers on its promises, allowing you to reconnect with the most inspired part of yourself.

Cancer your 2024 horoscope, month after month

January 2024

January: Rely on your uniqueness and your ability to listen to others to gain support for your plans and to shift into higher gear.

February 2024

You charm your audience, but don't demand too much from others or you risk facing rejections.

March 2024

Don't be too greedy; it's by adhering to your code of conduct that you will succeed in convincing, and even attracting others.

April 2024

The new moon on the 8th prompts you to act professionally. Your popularity and diligence leave a good impression on those around you.

May 2024

You lay your plans on solid foundations and active support. Your arguments finally persuade your partners and allies.

June 2024

The new moon on the 6th suggests you temporarily step back and take the time to refine your strategies.

July 2024

While your charm is undeniable, you remain reserved and focused on the essentials. However, don't be afraid to fully express your potential.ama

August 2024

Rely on your skills and the support that defends your interests, but don't put pressure on a hierarchy that wouldn't appreciate the approach.

September 2024

Although the new moon on the 3rd enhances your communication, don't use it to alienate those who dislike your messages.

October 2024

You express your feelings plainly but sincerely. It's the best way to rekindle passion or attract someone you're fond of.

November 2024

You deeply commit to someone else, but struggle to cope daily due to the immense pressure placed upon you.

December 2024

You feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities. Despite a desire to progress, you find yourself held back by duties that are beyond your capacity.

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