2024 horoscope Pisces

Written by Susan

Since spring 2023, you no longer take things lightly; you are undertaking inner work that will allow you to rebuild yourself, taking into account the lessons learned from the past. Even if it means going through a period of relative solitude, diversify your interests, break away from outdated ways, your unique tone allows you to surprise. Count on Jupiter to communicate more openly, enrich your network, and bring some fantasy into your life. From May 26 onwards, Jupiter promotes your personal and family fulfillment. You may move to improve your quality of life, establish a home, expand your family, and get closer to an ideal life that inspires and guides you.

Pisces First decan, your 2024 horoscope

(19th February to 28th February)

Until early March, Saturn favors necessary introspection to build yourself on solid and wiser foundations than in the past. Starting from January 21, Pluto invites you to delve into your soul, explore your inner world to reveal your true nature, integrating both your bright and shadowy sides. This journey takes time, but it shouldn't be avoided, risking destabilizing your physical and mental balance. Jupiter (until February 21) warmly connects you with your surroundings and (between May 26 and July 9) improves the atmosphere at home.

Love: Useful Reflections!

You do not surrender to the vertigo of love in 2024. You retreat within yourself to discover who you truly are, to draw lessons from the past, and to let emerge a more authentic and creative personality, liberated from the baggage associated with your roots. This introspection is essential for your growth as it determines your upcoming fulfillment. This dark year isn't without its charms; Jupiter ensures (until February 21) a pleasant circle of people around you. Your close ones, friends, or new people support you, warm the atmosphere, and you escape from a burdensome sense of loneliness. Jupiter distracts you from your inner turmoil between May 26 and July 9, inviting you to improve your quality of life, maintain a benevolent atmosphere in your family interactions. Around June 3, your profound reflections harmoniously change things in the family, making everyone happy.

Social Life: Somewhat on Hold!

You focus on your personal history and think less about your professional ambitions. Your relationships with your close ones capture your attention in 2024. You may not shine at work, but Jupiter (until February 21) multiplies contacts, enriches your network, and showcases your bright ideas. Mars supports the emergence of your projects between January 4 and 17, strengthens your determination to assert yourself between March 23 and April 4. You defend your interests between April 30 and May 13, and you raise your voice to make yourself heard between June 9 and 22. Your creativity and determination leave a mark between September 4 and 22. You roll up your sleeves between November 4 and January 6, 2025, to serve the common cause and advance your interests.

Well-being: Worth the Effort!

Saturn isolates you from your circle starting from March 1. Jupiter compensates for these lacks (until February 21) by favoring entertaining communication, but this influence isn't enough to change your mind. You must delve into the shadowy areas that haunt your psyche between January 21 and September 1, and then from November 6 onwards. Don't shy away from this necessary phase; while it might dampen your spirits a bit, it helps bring out the brightest part of yourself.

Pisces First decan: Your advice for 2024

In 2024, don't skim over current affairs; be willing to confront internal turbulence that destabilizes you a bit. You must confront your shadow to integrate it more harmoniously into your personality. If you accept it, you will benefit around June 3; certain aspects of yourself brought to light will allow you to build yourself, approach your family and private life differently.

Pisces Second decan, your 2024 horoscope

(1st March to 10th March)

Since 2020, Uranus has diversified your knowledge; you express an originality that you once held back, liberating yourself from a mindset that restricted your freedom of thought. Uranus stops influencing your communication from mid-March, but Saturn takes over from early March. You are embarking on a new, wiser life cycle, laying the groundwork for this new version of yourself that takes into account lessons from the past to rebuild. Jupiter (between February 21 and April 13) distracts you from this demanding process and heightens your desire to settle better, establish a home, invest between July 9 and September 10, and then between November 6 and April 24, 2025.

Love: Don't Rush Things!

Uranus invites you until March 13 to express your creativity, to make new connections with people who no longer fit old criteria, but Saturn sets the pace in 2024. You have matured, grown, eliminated what hindered your evolution by focusing on the essential. Jupiter distracts you from your concerns between February 21 and April 13. You meet new people, communicate better, and keep your spirits up. Jupiter then influences (between July 9 and September 10, and from November 6 to April 24, 2025) your family and private life. If you're buying a house or expanding your family, consider your personal needs before acting, as some of your aspirations clash with the requirement to build yourself before diving into another venture. Otherwise, you might act against common sense around August 19 and December 24.

Social Life: Somewhat on the Fringe!

Uranus urges you to express what makes you different, even transgressive. You no longer conform to the norm; you explore different universes, different modes of communication, even if it annoys those around you. Until March 13, 2024, Uranus sprinkles your path with unprecedented encounters. But from March 1 onwards, consider Saturn's pressure, urging you to focus on the essentials, even if it means isolating yourself to identify your priorities. It's no longer about standing out; it's about refocusing on the necessity of knowing yourself. Jupiter promotes useful and pleasant encounters, broadening your horizons between February 23 and April 13. Take this opportunity to expand your network and communicate. You defend a project between January 17 and 31, assert your codes between April 4 and 17, and receive the reward for your efforts between May 13 and 26. You double your efforts between September 22 and October 11 to make a lasting impression.

Well-being: Aim for the Useful rather than the Pleasant!

Uranus enhances your desire to stand out and encourages the expression of your active mind (until mid-March), while Saturn takes a more rigorous turn (from March 1). Don't expect to make waves in 2024; you withdraw a bit into yourself. It's time to start a new growth cycle fully aware of yourself. The exercise isn't enjoyable, but it's an essential step to access the most authentic version of yourself.

Pisces Second decan: Your advice for 2024

Saturn reminds you of the essentials to start a new life cycle by taking matters seriously. You must lay the solid foundations for a journey that reflects the maturity you have gained. If you ignore your responsibilities, you will regret it and end the year frustrated.

Pisces Third decan, your 2024 horoscope

(11th March to 20th March)

You won't be bored in 2024; a breath of fresh air blows through your mental landscape. Uranus (from March 13 onwards) awakens your desire to break free from patterns that limit your horizons. It's time for novelty, surprises, and a worldview that breaks away from your usual behaviors. Around April 21, a powerful alignment lifts you, and by May 23, you find that the changes you've experienced bring you closer to a long-desired ideal. Jupiter (between September 10 and November 6) promotes your family and private fulfillment.

Love: Whoever Loves Me, Follows Me!

A different mindset drives you from mid-March, sparking a desire to break free from a too conventional approach to life. You stop following the herd and communicate according to your own codes, surprising those around you who are destabilized by your new ways. Around April 21, your rejection of conformity leads to unexpected events. You position yourself differently with others; nothing dramatic, however, as by May 23, what you've expressed promotes your personal fulfillment. Venus inspires tender plans between February 8 and 16, amplifies your radiance between March 28 and April 3, and fuels your desire for private growth between June 9 and 17. Your magnetism (between July 3 and 11) brings powerful moments in love, and your listening skills help you take a step towards others between August 21 and 29. You evolve your connections between October 9 and 17 and make plans between November 28 and December 7.

Social Life: Thriving!

Regardless of your current situation, you're changing certain aspects in 2024. Your mind (from March 13 onwards) demands change. You have the opportunity to evolve in your activities, propose new approaches, let your creativity flow, and everything goes well. If you feel stagnant, it's time to react. Seize an opportunity in line with your new expectations or propose to your superior to change methods. Your uniqueness should shine around April 21; the pressure rises, and it's time to open up to a new level of expression. By May 23, you're on the right track. You defend a new vision of the future between January 31 and February 13 and persist between April 17 and 30. You exploit your potentials and receive validation between May 26 and June 9. You assert your legitimacy between October 11 and November 4.

Well-being: Energized!

The main risk in 2024 is having an overexcited year. Your mind is buzzing and is kept boiling by the conjecture. This mental effervescence leads to a strengthened bond between you and your dreams; you touch an ideal. But you must channel an overflowing impatience that urges you to act against common sense. Don't accelerate; follow the flow.

Pisces Third decan: Your advice for 2024

It's time to break away from a mindset and a way of communicating that no longer satisfy you. You need renewal. 2024 offers you the opportunity; don't let it pass. Pay attention to what happens in the spring; certain events could really change the game.

Pisces your 2024 horoscope, month after month

January 2024

Your bold projects gain unanimous approval; you have the energy to persuade your interlocutors to follow you.

February 2024

Those around you are charmed by your unusual projects, but don't disturb the frequency by forcing your way; argue rather than manipulate.

March 2024

Your messages are well received, but don't pressure anyone. Opt for a gentle approach to attract the favor of those around you.

April 2024

You mobilize your energy to lay the foundations for a new life cycle; approach the subject seriously, even if you feel a bit lonely.

May 2024

You reflect a lot; don't rush anything; everything will come in its own time, but the priority remains to refocus on yourself.

June 2024

You want to improve the atmosphere at home, but you tend to withdraw into yourself. Wait until the end of the month to act.

July 2024

You approach your love life seriously; you have a great deal of leeway to improve and beautify your daily life.

August 2024

You double your efforts in the family, but your loved ones don't like your abuse of authority. Stay tuned so that the exchanges don't end in a deadlock.

September 2024

The new moon on the 3rd recommends keeping the dialogue open to relaunch constructive debates.

October 2024

You express your romantic ambitions rigorously. Your desire to shine clashes with the need to remain authentic.

November 2024

Your exchanges with the hierarchy struggle to cope with your internal demands, but your projects should meet your expectations.

December 2024

Your aspiration to flourish privately clashes with the need to prioritize your personal growth.

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