2024 horoscope Scorpio

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Events in your private sphere are urging you to evolve and change in your relationships. Some are facing inevitable upheavals in their family life, while others are breaking free from restrictive constraints within their relationships (either for yourself or for the other person). It's crucial to reflect on what works or doesn't work in your interactions, whether to rekindle a forgotten connection or, in case of failure, to break free and move on. The year 2024 disrupts your norms, compelling you to take action to bring meaning back into your emotional life. In the best-case scenario, the circumstances might inspire you to commit or recommit, but on grounds that are more respectful of everyone's needs and aspirations.

Scorpio First decan, your 2024 horoscope

(24th October to 3rd November)

Saturn encouraged you to critically examine your life, but it moves away from your sphere starting March 1st. At the beginning of 2024, you still have many questions about your behaviors and what you expect from love. As this stern influence fades, you must now contend with Pluto, which asks you to examine the foundations of your personal history. Certain events, around June 3rd, will provide you with insights and help you move forward.

Love: Fundamental Changes?

Since 2023, the celestial influences have been urging you to explore your heart and the depth of your attachments. It's time to ask yourself the right questions about why you consistently act the same way emotionally. You need to determine what needs to change; don't evade these issues. Look objectively at what deserves to be preserved or discarded. Simultaneously, Pluto prompts you to reflect on how your upbringing influences your adult behavior, helping you identify what hinders your progress. This introspective process is essential. The outcome will enable you to better understand yourself and strengthen your identity. Inner growth is facilitated by an astral configuration inviting you to transform and attain a more harmonious, serene family life.

Social Life: Not to Be Neglected!

Rely on what you have recently learned to move forward. Saturn may have restrained your creativity but reinforced your discipline. From March onward, you regain freedom of movement and expression. Jupiter (until February 21st) enhances your interactions with others. It's an opportunity to collaborate, sign a contract, or increase your visibility. Between May 26th and July 9th, Jupiter facilitates changes; events will push you to overcome a threshold. Whether you're tempted to start your own business, expand it, retire, or pursue further education, you receive support around June 3rd. Mars enhances your creativity between March 23rd and April 4th; it makes you articulate between June 9th and June 22nd. You assert your ambitions between September 4th and September 22nd, even rising to the occasion (between November 4th and January 6th, 2025) to defend your interests and assert yourself in the spotlight.

Well-being: Take Care of Yourself!

Pluto might stir up some emotional turmoil, affecting your morale and physical well-being. You're confronted with your past and everything that is buried within. However, you possess the energy to navigate these rough waters without succumbing to potential turbulence. Saturn stops weighing on your emotional life from March 1st, and Jupiter connects you with others, allowing you to put minor slowdowns into perspective. Avoid excesses between April 30th and May 13th.

Scorpio First decan: Your advice for 2024

The challenges of the year are centered around your private life. You're urged to delve into the past, which still influences your present and impacts your future. It's time to understand what needs to be preserved, eliminated, or transformed to be true to yourself, even if it means breaking free from elements that no longer contribute to your growth. The choice is yours.

Scorpio Second decan, your 2024 horoscope

(4th November to 13th November)

Since 2021, Uranus has created relational tensions; you or your partner need space. You no longer merge completely with your loved one; you're establishing a different dynamic. This influence starts to fade in March, but Saturn urges you to critically examine your love life and what motivates your choices. In the second half of the year, Saturn's demands clash with your desire for renewal, potentially leading to feelings of frustration (around August 19 and Christmas).

Love: Take Nothing Lightly!

Until March 13, Uranus compels you to revamp your relationships to maintain distance. When Uranus moves away after March 13, Saturn takes over, prompting you to delve into your heart to determine if your current needs are being met or if you're in an emotional climate that needs to change. This period of introspection dampens your enthusiasm and revives your vulnerability in relationships. Jupiter heightens your desire for a more intense life. You're torn between the need to take everything seriously and external events that push for change around August 19 and December 24, creating intense frustration due to a sense of being stuck.

Social Life: No Eccentricities!

Since April 2021, Uranus intensifies your desire to break free from restrictive work environments, even breaking contracts to regain your freedom. Starting March 1, Saturn calls for your analytical mind and commitment; follow the rules. This period is conducive to serious study and meticulous observation rather than showcasing your talents. Jupiter (between February 21 and April 12) fosters commitments and encourages promising connections, but from July onward, it fuels your desire for renewal and transgression of limits. To avoid intense frustration around August 19 and December 24, adhere to the rules. Your legitimate desire to assert your ambitions (between September 22 and October 11) is valid, but continue working hard to meet the community's needs.

Well-being: Don't Overdramatize!

You won't appreciate Saturn's pressure starting March 1; it darkens your horizons. You must filter your emotions through reason, with the frustrating feeling of being unable to express your creativity. This atmosphere weighs on your morale around August 19 and during Christmas. To navigate this period without sinking into depression, understand that this introspection will ultimately be beneficial. It will allow you to prioritize your goals, redefine your needs, and reconnect with a stripped-down but more authentic version of yourself.

Scorpio Second decan: Your advice for 2024

To end the year with a sense of accomplishment without sacrificing pleasure, embrace your responsibilities. Don't hesitate to retreat into yourself occasionally, but avoid isolating yourself in your ivory tower. Balance introspective moments with breaths of fresh air. Take a break when you feel the pressure mounting too high.

Scorpio Third decan, your 2024 horoscope

(14th November to 22nd November)

During an intense first semester, commitments, and possibly disengagements, allow you to achieve harmony with others. Expect to be shaken by events, and a decision around April 21 could change the course of your love life, satisfying you by May 23. Jupiter gives you the opportunity to take a step towards others, establishing a fulfilling relationship.e. Rid yourself of any fusion fantasies that threaten to confuse the relationship.

Love: Crossing a Threshold!

Neptune enhances the feeling that you are living a love that meets your expectations, while Jupiter reinforces your desire to commit or break free from a bond. Rely on the giant of the zodiac between April 13 and May 26 to accelerate change, awakening the desire to bridge the gap between you and another person, whether it's getting closer or breaking up if the relationship no longer satisfies your expectations. Unexpected decisions (either from you or the other person) around April 21, such as marriage proposals, union propositions, or acknowledging failure, evolve harmoniously by May 23. Something must change in your relationships for the bond to evolve. Rid yourself of any fusion fantasies that threaten to confuse the relationship.

Social Life: Decisive (and Positive) Progress!

Neptune heightens your desire to express your creativity limitlessly. If you work in a field that fulfills your expectations, you'll continue to progress in 2024, possibly even reaching a higher level. However, if you're in a discipline that doesn't align with your dreams, you'll terminate a contract and engage elsewhere or differently. Whatever the triggering events, you cross a decisive threshold around April 21. The situation encourages major choices and abrupt decisions, resulting in a positive outcome. By May 23, you thrive in a harmonious atmosphere. Mars intensifies your need for recognition between April 17 and 30; you assert your choices. Between July 6 and 20, you defend your aspirations to various interlocutors, and between October 11 and November 4, you broaden your horizons.

Well-being: No More Dwelling, Keep Moving!

Openings between April 13 and May 26 boost your self-confidence and confidence in your destiny. Events contribute to your fulfillment. Seize these upward currents to find the method, activity, or sport that allows you to achieve fullness. Engage in team activities, as this year, changes come from the outside.

Scorpio Third decan: Your advice for 2024

A dynamic year urges you to connect with others to evolve on the same wavelength. Whether through marriage, separation, commitment, contract termination, or a change of direction, the opportunity to change things is presented to you (around April 21). It's up to you to make the transformation to evolve in a universe that pleases you (by May 23).

Scorpio your 2024 horoscope, month after month

January 2024

Communication flows well between you and others; you redefine your interactions on new, less restrictive, and more satisfying grounds.

February 2024

A version of the relationship appeals to you, but be cautious about tensions in the family if you assert your independence overtly.

March 2024

Perfect harmony in love allows you to make a lasting impression, but be wary of strong tensions in the family if you display excessive authority.

April 2024

The new moon on the 8th invites you to serve the community rather than stand out. Think before you act and demonstrate your willingness to cooperate.

May 2024

Reassure and charm your interlocutors by showing seriousness and restraint. The new moon on the 8th encourages you to take a step towards others.

June 2024

Desires surface, but a tendency towards analysis might dampen your enthusiasm. Towards the end of the month, the horizons clear on the sentimental front.

July 2024

Your ambitions take into account your real needs rather than your fantasies, and external events enhance your popularity.

August 2024

The new moon on the 4th illuminates your professional life, and you're in full ascension. However, if you've neglected certain details, beware of potential disappointments.

September 2024

A narrow view, overly critical perspective prevents you from shaping the future as you wish. Hard work is needed to push your boundaries.

October 2024

Your undeniable charm lifts your spirits, brightening the stern outlook you currently have on everything, including yourself.

November 2024

You approach your romantic relationships with rigor and method, but you feel frustrated in your desires.

December 2024

Don't ask for too much to avoid ending the year frustrated. If you approach your family relationships with kindness, they will evolve positively.

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