2025 horoscope Scorpio

Written by Susan

This year, moments of cooperation are numerous. January takes care of responding to your requests, even the most capricious. The spring brings a touch of fantasy to romantic relationships. You are in a positive state of mind. Couples find their balance, projects materialize, the future opens up to bright prospects. If you are single, the stars make you a golden bridge. You have the king's choice. Between meetings and seduction, you no longer know where to turn. As summer approaches, hearts get carried away. You live intense moments of sharing. The end of the year is quieter but it remains pleasant.

Scorpio, your Social life

It is out of the question to bow to the whims of your friends, even your closest friends. You can easily get carried away by someone who is too teasing with you. Patience and you, that makes two. In the middle of the year, relationships are disrupted. You do not take kid gloves to express the depth of your thoughts. Whether we like it or not, you show your dissatisfaction without hiding behind false excuses. Around October, calm returns. In relationships, the atmosphere calms down. With your friends, you find cooperation.

Well-being for the Scorpio

At the start of the year, you lack concentration. You are not a hundred percent yourself. We notice in you a slight tendency to get upset over little things. Even if you try to resist, fatigue takes over. What you need at this time is a good rest and sleep. Cut yourself some slack. Get massages and frequent calm and soothing places. You regain a second wind in summer, thanks to a balanced diet. Your efforts pay off. Before the arrival of autumn, you find strength.

Scorpio: Your advice for 2025

It is a roller-coaster year. However, by setting goals, you can achieve good results. Persevere, you are likely to reach the goals you have set. Stubbornness works in your favor.

The 2025 for all zodiac signs:

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