The 61 cards of the Ge Oracle

Written by Mary

Gerard Barbier was the one who created the Ge Oracle, a divinatory card game that is very easy to use. Its symbolism is open to everyone: amateurs as well as professional clairvoyants can use it to elucidate their predictions. You can do a reading for yourself, or for a consultant. There are no rules. Consider the Ge Oracle as a clairvoyance tool.

The Ge Oracle is made up of 61 cards. Some cards can have different meanings. The meaning changes depending on whether they are drawn rightside up or reversed. Each card has a number. The number is printed in the top right corner as well as in the bottom left corner of the card. But, a so-called "simple" card is drawn, it will only have a number in the top right.

Next come the Season cards, which also carry much importance. Spring is number3, Summer is number24, Winter is 41, and Autumn, number 55. The season tells you when an even will occur. If multiple season cards are drawn, the event will occur between two seasons. But, if you draw two season cards side by side in a row, the event will be put off for six months. If you get three season cards in a row, count on nine months. If four season cards, the prediction will come to pass in at least one year.

After the Season cards, we have the Character Cards. They are numbered 45,46,47,48,49,50,51, and 52. Whether they are drawn rightside up or reversed, their meaning does not change. They simply give detail on the physical aspects of the people involved: whether they are blond, brown-haired, or redheaded.

- Card 1 is the Sun. It is synonymous with success, joy, and ambition.
- Card 2 is the Rose. This flower is a symbol of happiness and harmony. This card represents the trust that the consultant has in a person.
- Card 3 is Spring. This card helps to date an event. This season lasts four months.
- Card 4 is Fire. This card shows the warmth of home and family. Fire is related to the home.
- Card 5 is Towers. This card represents the city, crowds, people, and hustle and bustle.
- Card 6 is the Two Hearts. This card represents relationships, meetings, love.

- Card 7 is Numbers. This card is about games of chance, the unpredictable, and luck.
- Card 8 is the Spider. Right side up, (the sun at the top),this card means great pain, sadness, grief. Rightside up (the moon at the top),it means that there is hope for change.
- Card 9 is the Snail. It represents lateness, slowness.
- Card 10 is the Boat. This card heralds a trip or a change of course.
- Card 11 is the Lion. This card shows a person's courage, energy, and strength.
- Card 12 is the Dagger. This card represents aggression, maliciousness, and violence.
- Card 13 is the Butterfly. This card announces change and metamorphosis.
- Card 14 is Thought. This card represents the mental and psychic.
- Card 15 symbolizes the union of the two sexes and the physical dependence between them.
- Card 16 is the Wheel. Right side up, this card can foreshadow an unserious problem. Reversed, it still means trouble, but more serious.
- Card 17, the Star, is a symbol of protection.
- Card 18, the Stork, announces a birth or pregnancy. If it is reversed, it signifies a difficult passage.
- Card 19, Money, announces wealth.

- Card 20 shows two flutes of champagne. This card symbolizes parties, marriage, or a joyful reunion.
- Card 21, the Three Moons, means that an important event will soon come to pass.
- Card 22, the Candle, symbolizes the gift of clairvoyance.
- Card 23, Tools, represents work.
- Card 24, Summer, is used to date an event within a 3-month span.
- Card 25, the Exclamation Mark, means that an event is certain to happen. This card is a confirmation. The surrounding cards greatly influence it.
- Card 26, the Desert, symbolizes sterility.
- Card 27, the Bird, represents a new contact with someone.
- Card 28, the Gift, drawn right side up, means you will receive a present. Reversed, it means the opposite you have a gift to give.
- Card 29, the Handshake, emphasizes brotherly relations.
- Card 30, the Scales, is a symbol of commerce.
- Card 31, the Dog, represents loyalty.
- Card 32, the Snake, represents lies and gossip.
- Card 33, the Stethoscope, represents medicine.
- Card 34, the Squirrel, represents saving up.

- Card 35, the Key of Destiny, when drawn upright, represents medical examinations to come.
- Card 36, the Divided Heart, represents loneliness or a break-up.
- Card 37, the Shell, symbolizes the sea and vacation.
- Card 38, the Elephant, is the luck card.
- Card 39, the Rat, drawn upright, announces health concerns.
- Card 40, Papers, means you will have to pass an exam or have paperwork to fill out.
- Card 41, Winter, places an event within a season.
- Card 42, Arrows, means you will have a choice to make, doubt, or hesitation.
- Card 43, the Harp, represents a gift for the arts.
- Card 44, Justice, when drawn upright, means a lawsuit, and a serious one if reversed.
- Card 45, the Young Woman, when drawn rightside up, represents a brown-haired woman and a blonde when reversed.
- Card 46, the Young Man, when drawn rightside up, represents a brown-haired man and a blond when reversed.
- Card 47, the Woman, when drawn upright, will be brown-haired and blonde when reversed.
- Card 48, the Man, when right side up, will be brown-haired and blond when reversed.
- Card 49 represents the consultant (woman).

- Card 50 represents the consultant (male).
- Card 51, the Older Woman, will be brown-haired rightside up and blonde when reversed.
-Card 52, the Older Man, will be brown-haired when rightside up and blond when reversed.
- Card 53, the Broken Flute glass, represents a dispute or divorce.
- Card 54, the Countryside, means rest, peace, and calm.
- Card 55, Autumn, places an event in a season in time.
- Card 56, the Pyramid, announces a promotion, or personal or professional success.
- Card 57, the Lynx, represents infidelity and betrayal.
- Card 58, the Cross, announces a death.
- Card 59, the Bat, represents a loss, theft, or betrayal.
- Card 60, the Dove, announces Peace.
- Card 61, Parchment, is linked to writing.

The Ge Oracle can be read in a Cross spread, like in the Marseille Tarot. For a more precise response and more detail, you can do a 6-card reading, or, to do a reading on your personality, you can do a 5-card reading with the cards laid next to each other. A pyramid-shaped reading is also possible in order to focus on a specific area. A reading with 7 cards can be done to get an answer to a precise question. The answer will either be a yes or a no. And, finally, there is a 16-card reading. Depending on the method used, the reading will be more or less exact. For simple questions, a 6 or 7-card reading will be enough. But, if you want more details about your future in specific areas (health, work, love, ect.),it would be best to use a more elaborate method.

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