Kybomancie: The future in a roll of the dice

Written by Mary

Human beings have always sought to unlock the secrets of their future. Since prehistoric times, they have used their natural environment to question their destiny or divinities, using twigs, pebbles, shells and bones ... They have, over the course of the experiments and discoveries, refined "rules", built interpretations and played!

Thus, cleromancy, astragalomancy and kybomancie exist since the dawn of man... If ou want to try, here is our App: Roll of the dice !

But what lies behind these somewhat strange names?

Cleromancy is about predicting the future by spreading small objects on the ground (pebbles, grains, shells ...) and interpreting their position based on previous findings and attaching a divine or magical will.
This is the first trace we have of the concept of gambling.

Little by little, with the beginnings of breeding, bones became "trendy" and gave birth to astragalomancy, astragalus is the name of a little bone in our ankles. We throw several bones (from goats or game) and then we observe how and where they fall.

Finally, with the invention of dice and dominoes, these very old practices have further refined and given way to kybomancie.

- The dice can range from 6 to 20 faces on which are written numbers or symbols. However, it is the 6-sided dice that remain very widespread, they can be made of bone, wood, resin or plastic, it does not matter.
- The game of dominoes consists of 28 pieces, from double 0 to double 6. The game consists of randomly drawing a number of dominoes and interpreting their meaning.

The classic dice have a peculiarity: the total of the opposite sides always equals 7. Indeed, the ace is always opposite the 6, the 2 is always opposite to the 5 and the 3 to the 4.

The number 7 has always been considered magical or divine, for historical reasons (7 days of the week),mathematics (7 is a prime number supposed to be called luck) and religion (7 is mentioned 77 times in the Bible). Not counting the candlestick with 7 branches, the first 7 planets (only known until the end of the 18th century with the discovery of Uranus in 1781),there are 7 emblems of the Buddha, the celebrations of Apollo were celebrated on the 7th day of the month and the circumambulations of Mecca include 7 towers and the Egyptians considered the 7 as the symbol of eternal life ...

This method of divination still exists everywhere in the world.

Currently, the method is to roll 3 dice. For some, it is better that it is another person who rolls the dice if the question is personal but on this subject, the opinions diverge. Dice can only answer a simple question for current problems: the essential in the short term. The answers are often used to make a decision, choose a path or better understand the problem in its context.

However, there are still some superstitions, such as we should not roll the dice on Monday and Wednesday and we should not consult them more than once a week. But here, everyone will do as they please!

Once the result of the dice is obtained, what is announced should arrive within 9 days... All you have to do is ask your question and roll the dice of fate to get your answer! Here, you will find a simple but very effective tool to discover your future thanks to the throw of 3 dice with 6 faces.

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