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How do you forget your partner?

Written by Olivia

You just broke up, want to move on, and, above all, you yearn for emotional harmony. So, you may be wondering what sign suits you the best for forming the perfect couple. When it comes to affinity between to individuals, there are many combinations. For some signs, they seem obvious and logical. For others, they can be more complex or more subtle. We're going to find out which sign you have you have the best chance of finding happiness with!


Are you dreaming of a relationship with someone full of enthusiasm who shares your sense of adventure? Go out with a Gemini. In them, you will find the ideal playmate. Each person's fantasy, curiosity, and energy will match perfectly with the other's. Together, you will exchange brilliant idea after brilliant idea and will shoot off together on many projects. Gemini will keep you on your toes, while you will titillate their imagination. Neither of you can stand routine, and together, you can be sure you won't get bored and will always be on the move. You will create an out-of-the-ordinary and entertaining future together.


You don't like change, and you prefer long-term relationships and your own comfort. Go out with a Cancer. You understand each other, which will allow each of you to build a relationship that leads towards a stable union. Cancer will take care of you and protect you, yet without smothering you. Your practical minded-ness and sense of calm will offer your Cancer the security and stability they need. Cancer's sympathy and inner world will make you feel loved and understood. You will be able to offer one another the tenderness and kindness that you both need. You will be completely in agreement when it comes to creating the ideal household.


You tend to get bored easily, and you love change and having fun. Your ideal partner needs to be on the same level as your verbal jousting. Go out with a Leo. Together, you will form a creative and bubly couple. Leo will help you find balance and to give your best. And you, you will follow them off in all their endeavors and will share their passions. Intellectual stimulation, exchanging ideas, and discovering new possibilities and ideas of all kinds are in store for your daily life. You won't even have time to get bored and will have a dynamic and out-of-the-ordinary relationship. You will form an incredible duo.


You have a romantic and tender idea of love. Need security and seek a partner who will be attentive and understanding? Go out with a Virgo. Both of you feel real pleasure watching over the other and building a snug little nest together, far from the outside world. Neither of you like to take risks or upset your habits. So, you will be able to offer each other a listening ear, affection, comfort, and stability. You are truly made for understanding each other, sharing many of the same interests, and living out a peaceful existence together. Together, you can truly create a strong and long-lasting relationship.


You like enjoying life's pleasures most of all and are drawn to romantic and warm people who don't take life too seriously. Go out with a Libra. You will be fulfilled by their understanding nature and the support that they can offer you. Much to your enjoyment, Libra will know how to admire and flatter you. And you, you will offer them a nice dose of enthusiasm and all the affection you can offer. For you, making decisions for the both of you will hardly be a problem, and you will drag your partner off on a whirlwind of entertainment, parties, and fun activities. Together, you will live a brilliant lifestyle.


Do you wish to have rich and intellectual conversations and spice up your daily life? Go out with a Scorpio. You both possess a complementary sensitivity and intuition. Your mutual understanding will offer you a great bond and closeness, and the opportunity to develop deep feelings for each other. Scorpio will bring you a touch of boldness and energy. And you will be able to offer your partner your ability to calm their anxiety and make them look on the bright side. Together, you will analyze every situation with great insight and will even succeed at expanding your personalities.


Are you looking for a partner that will stimulate your mind, with whom you can share many of the same interests? Go out with a Sagittarius. Together, you have a good chance of reaching fulfillment and of enjoying a strong bond. Sagittarius will know how to make decisions for you and encourage you to give your best and will give you a nice dose of optimism. On flip side, you will be able to offer them the stability and harmony they need, yet without smothering them. You will have no trouble understanding each other, helping one another out, or undertaking projects together.


Don't feel like venturing off into a risky relationship and appreciate the loyalty and stability of a household? Go out with a Capricorn. Both of you are good at understanding the other's complexity and then supporting them. Capricorn will help you be more confident and less mysterious. And you, you will hone their curiosity and allow them to expess themselves more deeply and to not hold back their feelings as much. Together, you will be able to love one another passionately and will form a solid and unfailing couple. If you avoid power struggles, you will have all the luck in the world creating a long-lasting relationship.


Do you dream of having a relationship with someone intelligent and enthusiastic that lets you have the freedom to explore all that life has to offer? Go out with an Aquarius. Independent and curious, both of you possess freedom of action and are ready to follow the other off on many adventures. Aquarius will stimulate you with their originality and flexibility. You, you will have the skill and know-how to give form to their goals and are generous.


Do you wish to share a strong bond and dream of a boundless love that will bring you out of your shell? Go out with a Pisces. With Pisces, you will forget your infamous scepticism and dare to let lose and be taken in by fantasy. As for you, you will help them keep their feet on the ground, bring them stability, and will be their best confidant. Together, you share great affinity for each other, lots of tenderness, and will cultivate a wonderful bond. You won't need to even speak to each other to understand and love one another. This wonderful equilibrium will enable you to succeed in your relationship and make it last.


Do you dream of a relationship with someone curious, stimulating, generous, and bold? Go out with an Aries. They will balance you out nicely, follow you off on all your adventures, and will offer you new experiences. As for you, you will be someone Aries can count on to let them have their freedom and to stop them from acting irrationally. Together, you will stimulate each other and your relationship will be one of the most dynamic. You won't hesitate to start building up your pipe dreams, discovering new possibilities, and starting up numerous projects. It goes without saying that you'll give it your all. You can really plan a future together.


Looking for a faithful, sensual and affectionate partner that you can become one with? Go out with a Taurus. By their side, you will feel loved and safe and sound. You will be able to count on their sense of reality and good sense to reassure and encourage you. As for you, your kindness will calm them and your imagination will allow them to develop their creative capabilities. Your qualities totally complement the other's. Once you've both gained the othe's trust, you will be able to think seriously about the future. Together, you will be able to give form to your goals, enjoy a wonderful romance, and build yourselves a comfortable and pleasant household.

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