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Monday, July the 6th
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Loving despite age

  Written by Mary

These days, love can take us out of the predefined categories and classifications of what an "acceptable" age is. Sometimes, what is "normal" no longer has any place in our lives: love erases boundaries and established rules, whether within our societies or between world leaders, as is the case with France's Emmanuel & Brigitte Macron or Donald and Melania Trump. But where do astrological signs fit in all this? Find out now below:

I live with someone older than me: You won't let yourself be slowed down too much. Quite the contrary: you will take charge creating a schedule that will assure you are constantly on the move and will make sure to always motivate your other half to keep on the go!

I live with someone younger than me: You will absorb your lover's energy, entrusting them with the task of planning your nights out together. This dynamic will lead you into the gym, to nights out mixed with passion and energy.

I live with someone older than me: It's relaxing to date a more mature person, since you appreciate feeling a part of life that has been lacking: prudence married with a certain wisdom. Your wild side will become more steady and balanced.

I live with someone younger than me: In a relationship, you can really make some sparks fly. You might even steal the limelight as full of ideas and plans as you are. In any case, your relationship will go off without a hitch: you are always on the move, going from one city - or country - to another.

I live with someone older than me: You will learn a lot being around them, especially if they have aged well, which is a little beyond your ability, and if they don't reveal themselves too quickly. You will gain a lot from their attitude, which relies more on intelligence and commitment than on physical attraction.

I live with someone younger than me: Don't focus on your physical insecurities while you are with them; don't decide to get botox or surgery just to preserve your looks. You would do better to let time take its course and to stay in touch with the now, the ever-present and youthful now.

I live with someone older than me: You will cover them with love and affection, tapping into your thoughtful and therapeutic side, who always knows what to do to make anyone feel better. Your lover will adore that you are always paying so much attention, and giving so much love, to them.

I live with someone younger than me: You will bring your lover with you to a hot-stone massage, which they are sure to love. But, if you push things too far and try to feed them a broccoli purée, you might know what solitude feels like.

I live with someone older than me: Take it easy and don't bore or stupefy your partner with instructions and rules in order to keep them young and strong or pampering them like a parent. Who knows? Your partner might age better than you, which will be your chance to learn a lesson - so seize it!

I live with someone younger than me: There is no use in pulling out your whole arsenal of anti-aging products at the first sight of a wrinkle. Your would do better to forget about the pressure on you to stay young and to give your lover all that you are and all that you are capable of being.

I live with someone older than me: You adapt very quickly to your partner, as your judgment and reason have always been more mature, which will allow for a strong, tight bond between the both of you, which many will be envious of. You understand each other extremely well since you will both take the aging process in stride.

I live with someone younger than me: You can be a little paternalistic at times, using your authority to instill in them values that, to you, are absolutely essential. Either your partner will be naive enough to take your condescension or it will be hard for them to handle, and a few adjustments will have to be made.

I live with someone older than me: It won't be easy for you to get used to your partner's slower pace, hence why you might slip away at times to go see a friend or have a drink with a colleague. You will, however, use these little pauses of wisdom with friends to enjoy moments of dazzling inspiration.

I live with someone younger than me: You aren't the most politically correct and so act younger than even your partner, throwing parties, going out to expos, smoking, drinking, and bathing in the sun.
I live with someone older than me: Dating an older person suits you well in some regards, since you have no problem with taking time to enjoy the simple things in life. Plus, their confidence and assurance matches well with the way you live your life.

I live with someone younger than me: Your usual habits will likely be a bit shaken up at first, but you will end up recognizing the beauty and spontaneity in their love and emotion. By adding a little youthful fantasy to your thoughts, you will start to feel better.

I live with someone older than me: You might unconsciously project things from your childhood, from your parents, on your lover and so become needy and clingy. This might work out alright since you are sensitive, open, and willing to listen to anyone no matter who.

I live with someone younger than me: You might fear that your partner's young age could end your relationship. To feel more at ease and to strengthen the relationship, you will have to dig beneath with their spontaneous, impulsive emotions in order to discover their more deep-seated need for security.

I live with someone older than me: Your other half makes you want to become the person you can't seem to be: someone more decisive. They will also present you with broader horizons that might help you move forward in a more stable manner. Thanks to your other half, you will learn new lessons from this experience.

I live with someone younger than me: You are more traditional while your other half prefers a night out on the town or going to a party. Still, you can hope to find more moments of peace and tranquility in your relationship, time all alone, just the two of you.

I live with someone older than me: You've been bitten by the travel bug and hit by such conviction that you might end up surpassing your other half or their tastes. You might, for example, jam out to some music from your generation while your companion will be left in the dust. Nonetheless, this will in no way impact your happiness.

I live with someone younger than me: You're the type to steal their jeans for a meeting or to the gym just to perk yourself up. You have no complex about it at all, and, the more time passes, the better your relationship will be and the more good times you will have for it.

I live with someone older than me: You don't even notice your lover's age. For you, it doesn't matter at all. You wouldn't even notice the color of their skin if it were different. We are all brothers and sisters, and you feel love for small and big, man and woman, young and old alike.

I live with someone younger than me: You will use this chance to absorb a little of your partner's energy so that you can boost your own inspiration and regain the open-mindedness you need to knock down barriers and cross boundaries.

Loving despite age - 4 comments
(last message on the 10/05/2020 am31 03:47)

I like it I don't like it
Capricorn Kinky, sign for Capricorn
Posted the 10/05/2020 at 03:47
It is not a comment. I am looking for a Capricorn or Taurus boyfriend.
He must be between 60 and 65 years old. Strictly a black gentleman.
Neat and smart dresser
I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 29/06/2018 at 09:47
Pisces Candycane, sign for Pisces
Posted the 28/06/2018 at 04:53
Who do i get to help me with my reading with my angel
Thanks for your feedback, here is an article you may like : Angel Tarot drawing in clairvoyance

Have a nice day and week-end,
I like it I don't like it
Pisces Candycane, sign for Pisces
Posted the 28/06/2018 at 04:53
Who do i get to help me with my reading with my angel
I like it I don't like it
Taurus Ursula, sign for Taurus
Posted the 16/02/2018 at 10:02
i am the older one and i and my younger partner are a very happy couple and have been over a seventeen year long relationship,i believe we are a true taurus/capricorn people as per astrological readings. but the most importend is the love we share especially when times throw rocks.
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