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Be Successful at Your Job Interview

Written by Evie

We are what we are but in the professional, proper world we must respect a certain number of rules and avoid an anthology of conduct that could harm us more or less in the long term. If there is an expectation of us based on our results, so too is there on the behavioral level. Let us observe together these psychological tics that characterize the astrological signs:


Whatever happens, you're ready and motivated.
Your Strengths
Respect for the rules: You are independent, you follow instructions, accept orders and do what is expected of you.
Honesty: You're not the type to say things behind people's backs or to do things unclearly.
Your Added Value
A taste for challenge: What seems impossible, insurmountable, or complicated for others is never a problem for you.
Your Weaknesses
Your susceptibility: You do not like criticism. But the fact of being cut to the quick stimulates you.
A certain unconsciousness: Not afraid of anything, you sometimes put yourself in delicate situations but you also go where others do not go.


When you need to be, you are there. When you have to give a big push, you make sure to do so.
Your Strengths
Your common sense: When others panic, you keep your feet on the ground and your ideas stay clear.
Your pragmatism: No declarations of intent are needed. Your facts and projects are solid. With you, we know where we are going.
Your Added Value.
A taste for a job well done: Whatever you say, you will do it as best you can. It is a question of respect for yourself and others.
Your Weaknesses.
A certain authoritarianism: You often take the lead without anyone asking you. But when everyone backs out, we are happy to find you.
You work slowly You take your time. Sometimes too much. Also you do not do anything that is well thought out.


You juggle folders and move from one project to another with ease. On all fronts, you've got it covered.
Your Strengths
A teeming creativity You are never caught off guard. If it gets stuck on one side, you bounce off the other.
A good spirit: Funny, nice, you know how to make a good atmosphere in a team.
Your Added Value.
A remarkable sociability: You are comfortable with everyone regardless of their function or their profile. In case of negotiation, this is an asset.
Your Weaknesses.
A propensity to chatter: With you, the coffee breaks go on forever and work is not always done. But at the relational level, what a talent!
A certain superficiality: Instead of getting to the bottom of things, you hover. You are a jack of all trades but a master of none.


You accept that others think differently and work differently. Any idea, no matter where it comes from, is a good one.
Your Strengths
Your goodwill: You like to make yourself useful and need others to be happy with you.
Your loyalty: Dedicated to your work and your colleagues, you have the interests of your company at heart.
Your Added Value.
Your discretion: Everyone knows you will never gossip about anything that is happening between the four walls of your office.
Your Weaknesses.
Your shyness: If we do not ask you, you rarely take the lead. Faced with all these people with a bloated ego, you stand out.
You are hard to pin down: We never know what you are thinking. In case of negotiations, your impenetrable face is an asset.


When you believe in a project or a mission, you do not spare your energy or your time.
Your Strengths
Votre loyalty: You support your boss and your company against all odds. If there is only one left, you will be that one, faithful to your post and to your word.
Your reassurance: Confident in yourself and what you do, you motivate your partners.
Your Added Value
A sacred ambition: You do things on your behalf. But also for the prestige of the company because what is good for the company is also good for you.
Your Weaknesses.
A lack of cooperation: Gifted with a strong competitive spirit, you often do things your way. But your involvement is beneficial to the group.
You do not take criticism well: To be criticized is so vexing that you react by giving your all.


It's not your style to make a mountain out of a molehill. You envision people and events with a pragmatism that puts the situation back on track.
Your Strengths
Your honesty: If you do not feel able to do something, you say it frankly. No waste of time. No disappointment.
Your ease of cooperation: In a team, you are always ready to put your skills at the service of the community.
Your Added Value
You do not look for any favours: You want to be appreciated for what you do. No more. No less.
Your Weaknesses.
A lack of ambition: Standing out at all costs or crushing others, is not your style. You stay in your place ...
A certain coldness: No excessive familiarity when you are working. It's time to work not to laugh!


Smiles and good mood, you connect people.
Your Strengths
Your availability: If we need you, you make every effort to be there.
Your kindness: A kind word, paying attention, giving respect, you make everyone feel good.
Your Added Value
A great understanding of human nature: You are clever enough to understand what motivates some, what annoys others and you are very good at harmonizing this little world.
Your Weaknesses.
Your abrupt decisions: Having trouble deciding, you often decide on a whim. But at least it's done.
Your lack of punctuality: Deadlines, schedules ... the notion of time is quite vague despite your efforts.


Reliable to those who depend on you, you go beyond what you are asked.
Your Strengths
You never let yourself be defeated: Difficulties, turnaround ... you stay the course and reassure your partners.
A mature reflection: You never speak just like that. Everything you say is well thought out and weighed.
Your Added Value
An excellent memory: Details that others have forgotten are written to your hard drive.
Your Weaknesses.
Individualism: Success is thanks to you but failure is always the fault of others. A sure way to sting your partners to the heart.
A tendency to antagonize: In case of disagreement, you become stubborn or angry. Although your behavior is annoying, it requires others to think more.


Reliable, well-ordered, when you are committed: you assure everyone.
Your Strengths
A competitive spirit: You give the best of yourself to be proud of yourself and to live up to the expectations of your partners.
You keep a cool head: When others panic, you stay calm and take the lead as needed.
Your Added Value
You ability to multi-task: Responsive and motivated, you are able to replace anyone at a moment's notice.
Your Weaknesses.
You do not take criticism well: You are so enthusiastic that when something is blamed on you, you fall from a very high level. However, you do not get hurt because you know how to rebound.
A lack of practicality: When it comes to ideas and theories, you are a master. But as soon as you have to put them in place, you prefer to delegate.


Your time, your energy, your know-how ... When you have to, you give everything.
Your Strengths
You do as you say: When you commit, you do the job, keep your word and respect deadlines. You can be trusted because you never disappoint.
Your obstinacy: You go after the mission that was given to you, no matter the cost.
Your Added Value
Your autonomy: You do not need it to be drawn out for you. You know what you have to do and do it even better than expected.
Your Weaknesses
You get stressed: You want to do so well that you inflict incredible pressure on yourself but that's why you do a good job.
You can be cold: You do not become familiar. With you, it's not about play.


You understand quickly, act without waiting and react before others.
Your Strengths
Your ability to communicate: You easily express your ideas and your projects, you make yourself understood. Written as well as spoken.
Your good nature: Jokes, nice words ... You know how to make yourself appreciated in a team.
Your Added Value
A big flexibility: If it's not going one way, you try the other. Open to everything, curious about everything, you always find original solutions.
Your Weaknesses.
A tendency to overdo it: Wanting to manage everything is good. Except that you are quickly overwhelmed and must delegate.
Negotiations are not your forte: For fear of conflict or endless discussion, you cut some slack instead of fighting.


The interest of the company passes and will always pass before your own. The collective comes first.
Your Strengths
Your conciliatory spirit: In case of dispute, you go to each of the parties and try to find a compromise.
Your niceness: You have a good spirit and often a good heart. With others, you really cooperate.
Your Added Value
Your flexibility: When you have to replace someone at a moment's notice, you are irreplaceable.
Your Weaknesses.
You give up quickly: Faced with difficulty, you demotivate quickly. But if you manage to cheer up, you start again.
Your work can be messy: Working in all directions, you lack method. But having the heart to do well, you will make all the efforts required.

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