Retrograde Venus!

Written by Mary

Venus is in retrograde every 20 months, for about 42 days. Venus in retrograde indicates emotional and sentimental difficulties. Everything this planet represents is introverted and influences the psychological processes. So expect that all topics relating to the five senses, financial and material possessions, love and harmony are central to your thoughts. When Venus is in retrograde, we pay off our debts and deepen our old relationships. This is not the time to invest or launch an artistic project, any more than to start a romantic relationship. This is not usually a good time to engage in or withdraw from a relationship, or to make financial transactions and investments, because our sense of evaluation is not as good.

But it is a very good time to design, improve, embellish and finish. Projects may be designed but not disclosed, it is best to wait until the retrograde is over to expose them. The negative effects of Venus in retrograde relate to the past of our loves, if it is not cleared, as well as the awareness of unresolved family problems, old self-esteem wounds or the painful feeling of being rejected or not in our place. Its positive effects are an awareness of our emotional or financial shortcomings, the highlighting of our capacity to love or be loved and the revelation of what we love and what we refuse. The place where she retrogrades is an area where there is pressure to re-evaluate a situation or a person.

It is likely that you enjoy socializing less. You prefer to withdraw and indulge in introspection, to discover the meaning of your daily contacts. You can also be driven by an unusual inspiration or, on the contrary, suffer from a strange lack of creativity. A planet in retrograde usually leads to an internalization of its potential. The values related to the planet are often thwarted, slowed down or even blocked, which induces all kinds of reactions and relations specific to this influence, whether in a natal chart or in a provisional calculation.


Aries have a sentimental, impulsive and idealistic temperament that drives them to be subject to love at first sight. With Venus in retrograde, their need to enjoy greater independence will be strengthened and their emotional and friendly relationships may be tarnished by quarrels. In addition, their inflamed attitude will have a high probability of causing them to spend without counting.


Taurus ruled by Venus will be even more possessive than usual. The expression of their feelings and emotions will be selfish, exclusive and may even be tinged with a hint of jealousy. The presence of Venus will sharpen their business acumen but will also push them to spend large sums of money.


With Venus in retrograde, Gemini will adopt a casual attitude and flee all obligations. Their recklessness and instability will make them flutter more than usual. Such behavior may spoil their relationship. In addition, they will not be a good manager and will tend to throw money out the window.


A cancer's need for emotional security will be amplified by the presence of Venus. They will be extremely possessive or even suffocating towards their family and partner. If they do not feel loved as they desire, their emotions will be exacerbated and make them vulnerable. In case of sentimental and family disagreements, they will be deeply unhappy.


With Venus in retrograde, Leo will have delusions of grandeur and will embark on immoderate purchases. In love, they will bring out the big game to seduce, be loved and strengthen their relationship. But, if everything does not work as they wish, they will not hesitate to roar and conflicts may degenerate.


Virgo will find it difficult to accommodate the presence of Venus in retrograde. Their lack of confidence and timidity will be obstacles to their emotional development. They will feel out of place. However, they will develop excellent business acumen and be cautious about spending.


With Venus in retrograde, Libra is sure to combine harmony and happiness in their relationships. This period will be ideal to develop fully. However, Libra will have to be wary of not succumbing to the first bat of an eyelash and not spending too much money.


The exalted and passionate feelings of Scorpio will be accentuated by Venus in retrograde. Under this influence they will not hesitate to push their own limits to please and satisfy all their desires. They will, however, need to be wary of their jealousy and possessive nature that will not make things easy.


With Venus in retrograde, Sagittarius will put their feelings in the background and prefer to keep all their freedom. The desire to escape will be amplified. The mood will be frivolous and joyful. As a couple, your partner may feel neglected and the relationship will look more fraternal than passionate. However, intellectual relationships will be privileged.


By nature, Capricorn has trouble expressing their feelings. The presence of Venus in retrograde will not make it easier. It is therefore with reserve and coldness that they will express their love. They will not really make any effort to meet others and will prefer solitude to outside agitation.


With Venus in retrograde, Aquarius will enjoy a good dose of sex appeal and a great power of seduction. Nevertheless, they will continue to claim their independence and live love without obligation, without constraint or commitment. However, they will maintain strong, stimulating and enriching friendships.


Romantic, sensual and dedicated, Pisces is very sentimental. With Venus in retrograde, they will struggle to keep a rational attitude and dominate their emotions. They will naively tend to be seduced as soon advances are made and can also quickly become disillusioned. Financially, if they do not opt for rigorous management, they will suffer a lot of disappointments.

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