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All about the Water element

Written by Mary

The characteristics of the Water element in astrology:

Water is the fourth of the elements, negative, feminine and introvert. It characterises the sign of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Water as an Element

Water leads the rational, logical air element towards the world of the senses, emotions, sensations and instinct. You stand out with your sensitivity, a certain conformism, your intuition and your sincere desire to help others. You are sentimental, dreamy and often idealistic, with an absorbing capacity for listening and understanding everyone around you. You are very sensitive to atmospheres and will be emotionally involved in everything going on around you. However, your instinctive kindness can sometimes be tinged with strange moods or fits of hypersensitivity. You will then need to take a step back and spend time alone to protect yourself from the harshness of the world.

In Love

You are an attentive partner who will pamper your loved-one. In general, you are particularly at ease in the area of the sensual, which is to a certain extent “your” domain. In fact, your instincts make you put a lot of feeling and emotion into your romantic jousting, even though you sometimes lack the combative streak. On the other hand, you can show jealousy and possessiveness, often through lack of confidence in your charm and powers. You will be at your best in a long-lasting relationship, built on mutual confidence: a romantic approach, not to say fairytale-like ...

The Planets Ruling the Water Signs

Cancer is ruled by the Moon
Those ruled by the Moon are psychotic dreamers, whose changing moods follow the phases of the Moon. They are imaginative and hypersensitive, attached to the past and their origins. They are affectionate and protective, but also very anxious. They generally have an excellent memory and often show an affinity with the world of childhood. They can appear excessively sensitive and responsive to all kinds of stimulation and often over-dramatise situations.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto
Plutonians are determined, courageous and sometimes aggressive. The combination of their physical and psychological energy leads them to experience intensely strong emotions. They are intuitive and rarely attack head-on, but when they do, their aim is precise. Plutonians are clear and inspired thinkers. They willingly use their seductive powers and can be manipulative and compulsive. They are as hard on themselves as they are on others.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune
Neptunians are dreamers with a great imagination and an intuition which can go as far as premonition. They are sensitive to their environment and easily feel empathy with others. They would like to console everyone and cure the world's ills. They are very tactful and seem helpless in the face of life's trials and tribulations. They have difficulty in defining themselves and, with the unclear contours of their personality, are like true sponges. They often show flair.

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