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Astro Profile of baby Scorpio

Written by Mary

The characteristics of the Scorpio Baby:

These are babies who make a definite impression! Energetic and lively, these are life's adventurers. They are generous, funny and endearing. They are fearless and will have a go at everything, especially anything that is forbidden. There will be no rest at all for you, parents or grandparents! This is a baby that does not worry about what is forbidden or any kind of restrictions. You will therefore need patience to set them on the right path and teach them what is fair or not. Giving advice will be more essential with Scorpio children - especially in their wilful periods!

Scorpio babies must get used to not always getting what they want and not always being able to satisfy their desires immediately. This is particularly relevant as this child will want to take over without concern for others or constraints! From a very young age, they will need to be taught to share, share with brothers and sisters if they have any, friends and those around them.

They will also need reassurance and a lot of affection. Often, when feeling hurt or under threat, they will respond with cutting remarks! This is a response designed to avoid suffering, rather than a real desire to harm others. Their feelings can therefore be unrestrained, especially towards the family. For this reason that you will need to teach them to be lovable, to share, listen and give to others. In this way, they will be able to find their place, be cherished and like other people.

At school, Scorpio have a great capacity for work. They are determined and as long as they are interested and motivated, they can excel. They will set the tone of their school achievement. It will be all or nothing: they will either be very enthusiastic or totally disinterested. It will be up to you to make sure that they find the inner resources to succeed, that very powerful strength which helps them excel and make progress in leaps and bounds. Learn more about the Scorpio rising sign.

Scorpio are passionate beings who give their all in everything they do. Teach them to moderate their behaviour and not always want others to behave like them. They also need to learn be less possessive, less suspicious and less demanding! A good way of assuaging their thirst for success is to get them involved in the theatre. Scorpio children (Water sign) are overflowing with creative energy and will be completely at home involved in a play or even staging it. They will be able to live their wildest dreams in real life!

Living with the Scorpio Baby!

Scorpio children need to unwind to channel their over-abundant energy and not sink into depression or anxiety. As soon as you can, enrol your tiny tot in a baby swimming class or some other sport - bearing in mind that Water is their element and will be very beneficial for Scorpio.

- Planet: Mars
- Element: Water
- Motto: I want
- Colour: Red
- Strength: Determined
- Weakness: Impulsive
- Sense: Taste
- Comforter: Coloured toy
- Favourite pastime: Acting
- Favourite animal: Lynx
- Social life: Experiencing strong emotions within a group!

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