Scorpio, your love horoscope for Summer 2021

Written by Daisy

Love: your priority?

At the beginning of the season, you want to take your relationships to the next level. From June 27, count on Venus to shine, to get you noticed. You then aspire (between July 22 and August 16) to open up the future and make tender plans that you must refine by stepping back from your emotions between mid-August and September 10. At the end of summer, Venus visits you, amigo Scorpio, you come out of the shadows and launch a new cycle in your love life.

1st decan (October 24-November 3): deal with it!

You display high ambitions in love in late June and mid-July. You aspire to connections that live up to your expectations. You then rally the votes of those you love around exciting projects. From August 4 onwards, Saturn takes over your home and private life. This is your opportunity to settle once and for all what is preventing you from having harmonious family relationships. At the end of August, you will be able to take the necessary step back to handle sensitive situations with maturity and sensitivity. In September, Venus will occupy your decan between the 10th and the 19th and exalt your desire to seduce. But your desires are sometimes incompatible with a demanding family demand. This antagonism ends up frustrating you around September 17.

2nd decan (November 4-November 13): atmosphere a bit heavy in the family!

Late spring weakened your bonds, this summer you move under the same cloud cover during a stormy first half of July where you don't want to be dictated to. You launch a charm offensive to ease tensions (7th, 8th),you raise the debates (5th, 13th, 20th). At the beginning of August, if you privilege your personal interests to the detriment of those around you, you will only aggravate the exchanges. Take advantage of the prospects you hold out to those close to you (3rd, 20th) to lighten the atmosphere. In September, open up the future in a more inventive way to make others want to follow you.

3rd decan (November 14-November 22): don't ask for more!

Great romantic flights of fancy to be expected in early summer, but don't idealize the situation, don't let yourself be overwhelmed by fantasies that blur your exchanges and cloud the waves in early July. You have all your chances (15th, 24th) if you give up imposing your plans on the other person (29th). You will not have your feet on the ground in August (10th, 11th, 20th, 25th). Carried by exalting loves, you communicate with talent on your projects, but you take your dreams for reality at the beginning of September, you should take some distance. Your irresistible charm makes a mark on the 6th and 20th.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

This summer, your personal life is at the center of your concerns. Don't take anything lightly, stay aware of your responsibilities and limitations to sort out what needs to be sorted out without suffering or believing yourself to be free from reality.


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