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Introduction: A true force of nature!

Taurus ascendant Taurus: You are a lover of Nature, sensual, warm, faithful, tenacious and realistic, but also materialistic, stubborn, jealous, possessive. You have a tendency to appropriate people as much as things and you need to develop some flexibility because your rigidity can generate problems.

Strengths of the for Taurus ascendant Taurus: Forward-looking and authentic
Weaknesses of the for Taurus ascendant Taurus: Slow and exclusive

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Personality: Very down to earth!

You have a strong and peaceful personality, anchored in the tranquility of your habits, in the desire for stability. You do not conceive of existence without material and emotional security and you do everything possible to obtain it. You take your time, but what you do, you rarely need to come back to it.

Vitality / Temperament: Reliable and square!

You are endowed with a personality that is both whole, capable of a strong individualism - especially when it comes to preserving your security, your assets, your balance - and at the same time very cooperative. You know how to manage your time without rushing unnecessarily, without burning the essential steps to the stability of your projects.

Love and emotional relationships: Need stability!

In love, it may take you a long time to find your ideal partner, but when you are in a relationship, your commitment is definite and you demonstrate an unparalleled stability in your deepest feelings. In your relationships, you are faithful, but also demanding and possessive. If you feel betrayed, you can be very resentful.

In the family: A reassuring attitude!

You have in you a quiet strength and a softness of expression that soothe those around you. Your family life is of great importance in your personal evolution. Your experience teaches you to nuance some of your educational behaviors in the light of upheavals and unavoidable changes that you learn to manage.

Relationship with money / material goods: The instinct of conservation!

You are a workaholic who follows through on your projects, no matter how much time and energy it takes, which can bring you a lot of money. Thoughtful, far-sighted, determined, you secure your assets slowly but surely. Financial decisions are not easy to make, but once you have made your choice, nothing can make you turn back. You are rather thrifty, even if you are very sensitive to beautiful and good things. You like to invest in real estate and land.

Socio-professional life: The taste of effort and success!

Your professional life is therefore of great importance to you and you invest yourself without counting the cost. You have a great capacity of work and your obstinacy allows you to reach your objectives. Sensitive to all forms of beauty, you have a developed creativity which can lead you towards artistic careers (especially with the material: sculptor, ceramist). Sensual, greedy, you are a lover of nature, of the pleasures of life and you can be an excellent cook.

Sphere of friendship: A bit possessive!

You are whole and you are not attracted by gimmicks and smoke and mirrors. You do everything you can to put your ideas into practice and most of the time you manage to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. This leads to slowness and a lack of open-mindedness. You may be jealous or overly possessive of your friends and possessions.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in an Earth sign

You have a beautiful practical spirit, you have the love of simple pleasures and you seek security, as well material as emotional. You show a great sensuality in your love relationships and you have the capacity to love durably, "for the best and for the worst".

Your sun and ascendant are in conjunction

This aspect reinforces Taurus' stability and need for security. You have a strong desire to chart your own course, to be in control of your life, and you learn a great deal from your experience.

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