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Introduction: Enduring, but intolerant!

Leo ascendant Taurus: You have a tenacious, stubborn nature, you are naturally inclined to pursue your goals relentlessly... But not without a fuss! Indeed, you are not one of the indecisive ones. Your temperament pushes you to advance towards the projects you have set for yourself and you do not give up. You do not care much for outside advice, you are impervious to advice, even when it is given in your interest.

Strengths of the for Leo ascendant Taurus: Stable and hardworking
Weaknesses of the for Leo ascendant Taurus: Obstinate and materialistic

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Personality: Creativity and common sense!

You have a personality that some describe as a bit overwhelming, with prodigious pride and stubbornness. You have great determination, which is useful in the pursuit of your long-term goals, but you often have difficulty adapting to others. You are also too sensitive to appearances, which can bring you disappointments or trigger devastating passions...

Vitality / Temperament: An expansive personality!

Enthusiastic, warm, cheerful, you like to enjoy life. Endowed with a square temperament, authoritarian, whole, you are not always easy to live with, even if your integrity imposes respect. Anchored in your opinions as in your feelings, you never doubt yourself. No one has the power to influence your decisions and, if you are wrong, it is very difficult for you to admit that you were wrong. But your stable and solid nature makes you a reassuring and magnetic person.

Love and emotional relationships: Affectionate, but exclusive!

It would be helpful for you to learn to be more flexible and adapt to your partner's needs. Your relationship will be more harmonious. Your love life is just as important as your professional life, but it requires more flexibility and many concessions. Although passionate, you are looking for stability, fidelity and constancy. In your love life, you can be possessive or authoritarian when things go wrong and warm or enthusiastic when things go right.

In the family: A parent made of reinforced concrete!

At home, in your family, you are warm, but authoritarian. You try to organize the family structure as well as possible, with many good ideas full of common sense, but, sometimes, with too little tolerance for the very different temperaments that are around you. Your dynamism can regularly discourage weaker or less motivated characters.

Relationship with money / material goods: Excessive ambitions!

Very ambitious, you have a strong desire to impose yourself and to succeed. This makes you a hard worker, willing, responsible, you are a fighter aware of his abilities. Your need to take hold of and control events is very powerful, which can lead you to great successes, but this makes you too rigid in the face of external imperatives, it is not easy to change the world... Flexibility is necessary to give you every chance of success.

Socio-professional life: Generous, but realistic!

Materialistic, you like luxury, comfort, beautiful things and you give yourself the means to obtain them. You are stable, confident, you manage your business with a lot of presence and common sense. You seek to acquire quality goods and, in your professional life, you do everything to obtain a prestigious position.

Sphere of friendship: Between heat and resentment!

You have no trouble making connections, your charisma brings you many opportunities to make friends. But your concern for your image can distort these relationships and only some very close friends really know you. You are reliable, but you lack confidence in others, you expect a lot from your friends and you are a little too quick to despise those who do not meet your standards of excellence.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

The amalgam of Earth and Fire results in earthquakes. You appear solid as a rock, you make the most of your discoveries and your impulses. You have the energy, the creative breath, you can transform your daily life with a confusing tenacity and common sense. But each overflow can lead to profound upheavals.

Your sun and ascendant are in square

You have a strong need to assert yourself and you do so aggressively, impulsively. In your haste, you have little tolerance for the weaknesses of others and lack understanding for their feelings. You say and do things without thinking about the effect you are having and this can make some relationships difficult.

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