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Introduction: A real ray of sunshine!

Sagittarius ascendant Taurus: You're a little greedy, but so good to everyone! Your home is a place filled with friends and good cheer. Your positive outlook on situations often brings you luck in your endeavors, as you unabashedly seek success. You love nature and simple pleasures. You have a very sociable temperament that opens many doors for you. Your energy and your perseverance do the rest.

Strengths of the for Sagittarius ascendant Taurus: Sensual and pleasant
Weaknesses of the for Sagittarius ascendant Taurus: Gourmet and restless

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Personality: You are whole!

You are endowed with an authentic nature which naturally turns you towards frank relations, the search for harmony between beings. Depending on the education you have been given, it will be all or nothing: you are very diplomatic or quite capable of shocking to make yourself heard. Your astrological configuration makes it easier for you to work in areas that require a lot of tenacity, audacity and big projects. On the other hand, you are not at ease in climates where hypocrisy reigns.

Vitality / Temperament: Get on with it!

You are a bon vivant, you enjoy life to the fullest. You have a pronounced taste for the festival and the pleasures of the life. Warm, jovial, friendly, you spread good mood and attract many sympathies. Of a spontaneous and benevolent nature, you have a very developed human sense, you always see the good side of people and things.

Love and emotional relationships: A torrid intimacy!

Your relationships are stimulating and sensual, based on deep affinities. Your passion can make agreements tortuous or complicated, and you often provoke conflicts for the sake of sincerity or transparency. You demand commitment, you are envious or exclusive. You need a reactive partner. In couple, your behavior is discreet, carried towards a high ideal, your conduct is worthy, you always keep the control of your passions. You love or hate without nuance, but you invest yourself totally in what you believe.

In the family: Luxury, calm and pleasure!

At home, you aspire to a stable home, to a happy and sometimes bourgeois family life to which you devote yourself entirely. With your loved ones, you are constant and very faithful. You are naturally inclined to love nature. The success of your family life is essential in the progress of your personal evolution, it has a great impact.

Relationship with money / material goods: Solid and reliable!

You are a tireless worker, you are ready to make a lot of efforts to receive approval. Your sociability, your joy of living and your faith in the future attract throughout your life happy coincidences, luck, effective support. The arts attract you a lot, as well as any job related to the land, the countryside. You also like intellectual activities, you are curious, you have a thirst for knowledge. Professional success and the social recognition it brings are important to you. Thoughtful, organized, methodical, your will and your perseverance inevitably lead you to success.

Socio-professional life: Excellent strategist!

In a financial partnership, you need to understand, you sense what is being hidden from you, you see through mysteries and people. You need to get answers and you often take roundabout paths to wealth and prosperity. Very reserved, you do not ask for advice.

Sphere of friendship: Friend with everyone!

You are always in an excellent mood in society. Dynamic and enterprising, you take pleasure in giving advice and sharing your knowledge with those who listen to you. Attracted by nature, cooking and cultural events, you enjoy life without any complex and that suits you. You have sincere and lasting loves and friendships, but you are often excessive in your demonstrations, it is sometimes necessary to limit your overflowing.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

You make it a point of honor to organize a comfortable life. You have a pronounced taste for pretty things, art in all its forms has a lot of value in your eyes. You are also a bon vivant who enjoys all the pleasures of life and you easily indulge in greed. Full of compassion and delicacy, you maintain serene exchanges and a beautiful complicity with those who surround you.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

You are an expert at getting things done and solving any problem that requires research. In your love relationships, you need passion, intensity. This area of your life is not always easy, because you fear betrayal, loss, abandonment. You probably feel the need, at certain moments, to transform yourself, to destroy what is no longer working in your life in order to start again on a new basis.

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