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Introduction: Good Samaritan!

Pisces ascendant Taurus: You are an angel come down to earth, gentle, caring, warm, compassionate and devoted. You dream of solving all problems, of curing all illnesses. You tend to take care of the poorest or weakest first, finding practical solutions with a lot of common sense. Your intuition will help you find the ideal partner, the one who will understand you, support you and defend you in your endeavors.

Strengths of the for Pisces ascendant Taurus: Sensual and voluntary
Weaknesses of the for Pisces ascendant Taurus: Greedy and stubborn

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Personality: Don't get into a rut!

Your inner world is deep and your need for understanding does not allow for any shortcomings, which makes you very selective. A tendency to fixed ideas and refusal to make concessions can however lead you to accumulate a lot of efforts to reach certain objectives. It is above all a question of fleeing routine which can inhibit your creativity. Your temperament pushes you to look for stability, paradoxically by passing by big radical changes able to lead you towards a situation always more stable.

Vitality / Temperament: Altruistic but demanding!

You have the gift of pleasing, you exert a strong magnetism on others. You attract and seduce by your extreme kindness, your generosity and your benevolence. Sensitive and empathetic, you are particularly receptive to those around you. You like to please, to feel that everyone is happy around you, to protect the weakest. But, if you feel betrayed or deceived, you will have a hard time accepting it. Your frustrations can lead you to hold a grudge.

Love and emotional relationships: A couple for life!

In love, you aspire to create a united family. Once committed, you are entirely devoted to your spouse and you make your home a cozy and peaceful nest. Sensitive and very sensual, the emotional domain holds a very important place in your life. Behind your solid appearance hides a romantic and sensitive soul. But you are very demanding and you can go into mad anger if you feel an emotional threat.

In the family: A warm family!

You are full of common sense and determination, you remain realistic and you structure daily life solidly. However, you are also stubborn, angry, possessive and sometimes selfish. Very patient, you always take your time before acting and your obstinacy often pays off. As a life choice, you opt for a familiar and reassuring routine. You are a bon vivant and you enjoy living life to the fullest, in the comfort of a reassuring home.

Relationship with money / material goods: Sometimes just food!

Very creative, intuitive, it is in the artistic field that you deploy your capacities at best. Of a placid nature, you tend to let yourself live. Work only serves to ensure your material comfort and that of your family. A bon vivant, you want to enjoy the pleasures of life. But professionally, you are generally lucky, you attract people and happy coincidences. You do not take kindly to upheavals for which you have not been able to prepare yourself. Modest, you accept easily the second place, for lack of being the first.

Socio-professional life: Money for pleasure!

You have a stubborn, authoritarian, sometimes selfish nature. Fortunately, you have good sense and remain attached to material things, but you love the simple pleasures of life such as good food. You are patient and persevering and your obstinacy often pays off, leading to the money you need. Very sensitive but resilient, strong-willed, you pursue the goal you have set for yourself. You are a bon vivant, loving life with sensuality, you are an aesthete who loves art and forms. Reflective, you assimilate slowly, but you do not forget anything, your memory is excellent.

Sphere of friendship: Don't be a sucker!

You are endowed with an epicurean and bon vivant temperament that never loses its sense of reality, despite your ease in escaping into the pleasures of life. You approach friendships with simplicity but with great sensitivity. Your relationships are extensive, but you carefully select the few with whom you are willing to be truly intimate. Resentment can prevent you from moving into the future with serenity and optimism, a tendency that can become a barrier to your relational fulfillment.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

This mixture does not make you hyperactive but so attractive. You are caring, generous and warm with everyone around you. You have the right profile to work in humanitarian works.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

With you, intuitions are combined with common sense and this makes them very useful. You are looking for a comfortable and soothing situation in your love life, you are a romantic with a lot of charm.

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