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Introduction: Tireless and dynamic!

Aries ascendant Taurus: Your tenacious energy and your greed are the main drivers of all your actions. You compensate for your excessive desires by an extraordinary capacity of work and an excellent physical resistance.

Strengths of the for Aries ascendant Taurus: Dynamic and structured
Weaknesses of the for Aries ascendant Taurus: Sectarian and possessive

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Personality: Quite a character!

You are endowed with a pragmatic personality that does not beat around the bush to express your wishes, your claims. You are capable of fighting a lot to reach your goals, because you have an intense need of realization and especially of solid emotional bonds to open out fully.

Vitality / Temperament: All fire, all flame!

A warm and sensual epicureanism, simple manners and powerful passions that drive you forward characterize you. You bite into life. You are a force of nature, you have an inexhaustible energy and a great physical resistance. You have a sense of tradition, you do not like changes that you do not initiate yourself. You need to own property.

Love and emotional relationships: Tempestuous loves!

Your sentimental life is likely to be agitated, because you make few compromises, you show yourself willingly exclusive or jealous, without counting that you are prone to love at first sight, sometimes without tomorrow... You often share lively loves which can bring many funny situations.

In the family: Attentive and attentive!

You take the time to organize and plan your actions and put all the assets on your side to achieve your goals. You have great self-control and you always follow through on what you start. You have at heart to put your family safe from the need.

Relationship with money / material goods: Attraction for beauty and luxury!

You have a taste for beautiful things and a great need for security which gives you a certain attraction for material goods or money. You are torn by many desires and you do not lack resources. You are stubborn but persistence is not necessarily the best way to achieve your goals. You must learn to change course, to reach your objectives by devious means.

Socio-professional life: A workaholic!

Responsibilities, obstacles and efforts do not scare you. Determined, even obstinate, voluntary, whole, you have an extraordinary capacity for work and you are very efficient in everything you undertake. Traditionally, your tastes naturally predispose you to be interested in the field of health, dietetics, all medicines that deal with well-being and methods to stay in shape or to invest yourself in humanitarian work.

Sphere of friendship: A reliable friend!

You are strong enough to start big projects and see them through. You have a sense of tradition, you do not like changes that you do not initiate yourself. There is something in you that wants to dive fully into the pleasures. Your life experience will teach you to harmonize being, asserting yourself, having and possessing in order to build in the collective interest.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

Beware of your earthy temperament which develops an excessive concern for detail and paralyzes you or prevents you from climbing the ladder, becoming a handicap in the eyes of others, like a slowness or overzealousness. Try to take life in a lighter way and not always get upset about something.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

Your constant concern is to improve yourself in all things, to accumulate knowledge. When you do a good job, you feel proud. You also show interest and aptitude for matters of well-being or hygiene.

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