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Introduction: Aesthete!

Libra ascendant Taurus: You like to make the atmosphere harmonious and your social relations are often pleasant, even if they are sometimes ephemeral. You love to enjoy all the pleasures of life with those around you, and you have no trouble putting others at ease. You have a talent for creating beautiful things or embellishing what already exists. You need balance in your love life, so it may take you some time to settle down.

Strengths of the for Libra ascendant Taurus: Sensual and peaceful
Weaknesses of the for Libra ascendant Taurus: Indolent and enjoyment

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Personality: Art lover !

You are endowed with a Venusian nature which naturally turns you towards the arts, the search for harmony, beauty, elegance, refinement. Depending on the education you have been given, it will be all or nothing: you are indeed likely to encounter blockages and the notion of refinement may then turn into very unrefined tastes or attractions... However, you are always willing to learn about aesthetics.

Vitality / Temperament: Luxury, calm and pleasure!

You need a harmonious, serene atmosphere and human warmth to feel good about yourself. Conflicts and tensions impact your morale. It is important for you to develop your artistic qualities, because it is in the field of the arts, of the spectacle or of the aesthetics that you will carry out the greatest projects, that your success will take the most scale.

Love and emotional relationships: Ready for anything in love!

You are a great seducer who leaves no one indifferent. Lover of sensations, you are epicurean, voluptuous, greedy, always in search of pleasure and beauty. In love, you aspire to balance and stability, but you don't like to stay alone and you probably have many affairs before finding your soul mate. As a couple, you are romantic, sensitive and demonstrative. You are very conciliatory and do everything possible to preserve harmony.

In the family: Very accommodating!

Open, communicative, charming, you are particularly gifted in making life pleasant for those around you, you communicate your joy of living and you are very skilful in arranging difficult situations, in smoothing out the angles. Full of tact and delicacy, you know however how to show yourself firm when it proves necessary.

Relationship with money / material goods: Diplomat or artist!

Your astrological configuration facilitates you in the fields which require the sense of nuances, diplomacy, human relations. On the other hand, you are not at ease in competitive climates. You are naturally inclined to conciliation and equity. Your emotional life will be important in your personal evolution, it will have a repercussion in all the fields.

Socio-professional life: Smart and opportunistic!

You are very good at taking advantage of every opportunity to make a living, you have the art of arousing curiosity and you take advantage of it, but this also makes your finances unstable at times. You manage your assets and investments with your wits. You are a sociable opportunist, very good at seizing opportunities.

Sphere of friendship: Always ready to party!

You are first and foremost an artist and it is to be hoped that you will find openings in this area, as your energy is otherwise reduced. You seek to please and to install stability in your affections. You dream of the perfect blend of beauty and tenderness. The center of your existence is the unceasing search for pleasures, whether they are sensual, artistic or gastronomic... You can be found superficial or capricious at times...

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in an Earth sign

You need to be noticed for what you do, to have your abilities appreciated. It is very important for you to find a profession in which you feel good, as this will have an impact on all other areas of your life. All service occupations suit you well and bring you a lot of satisfaction, social work, medical work, catering, as well as anything related to hygiene and health.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

You are a loving and devoted person, always ready to help and to rescue your fellow man. Feeling useful is one of the important motivations without which you feel you exist less. It is stronger than you, you not only want to put all your capacity to work in the duration and in a well regulated way, but also to feel the recognition of your entourage.

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