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Introduction: Fair but uncompromising!

Aquarius ascendant Taurus: You are of one mind, without nuance, not very accommodating, not very adaptable, but fair and realistic in your perception of people and situations. Your sensuality and your taste for healthy pleasures can bring you great satisfaction in love and friendship. You make an excellent lawyer, determined to scrupulously dismantle the reasons, mechanisms and methods of others. You work with courage and perseverance.

Strengths of the for Aquarius ascendant Taurus: Good-natured and generous
Weaknesses of the for Aquarius ascendant Taurus: Detached and authoritarian

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Personality: Not very adaptable!

You have both a cerebral and sensual nature. Your practicality allows you to build bridges between your ideals and reality. You are able to accumulate considerable energy to achieve your goals. You know better than anyone how to make your independence a major asset for progress and fulfillment. A tendency to fixed ideas and refusal to make concessions can however lead you to accumulate a lot of efforts to achieve your goals.

Vitality / Temperament: Free or secure?

Two tendencies coexist within you between which you must find a balance, the need to possess, to enjoy earthly pleasures, and the need to detach yourself. Material comfort gives you the sense of security and independence you need. But your ideas and aspirations are more spiritual and humanistic than material, oriented towards the community, towards finding solutions that benefit all. You have ingenious and inventive ideas and the pragmatism to implement them.

Love and emotional relationships: Hard to take heart!

In love, you tend to delude yourself and run into impossible loves. But you aspire to make a pleasant and stable home. Your attachments are deep, although you always maintain your independence. People who come into your love life do not always understand your need for change and your desire for stability.

In the family: Authoritative but benevolent!

Your motivations are above all professional and you tend, at home, to lead your world by the scruff of the neck, a little as if you were a teacher rather than a parent. However, your warmth and generosity more than make up for your sometimes overbearing side, and you inspire confidence in your loved ones. They know that you will always do your best to make their lives as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

Relationship with money / material goods: Need for challenges!

In the professional field, you have a strong will to do things right and to see your undertakings through to the end. Persevering, determined and fastidious, you can be stubborn and prone to errors of judgment. Your main enemy is a lack of goals to achieve. This insidiously pushes you into a routine that can annihilate your creativity. You need to find a balance between your physical and mental activities and to decompress regularly after a long period of leaning one way or the other.

Socio-professional life: Unusual management!

You are frank and direct, you like material security, but you would like to detach yourself from it. You often seek to prove others wrong on financial matters and this is beneficial to you if you manage to make it your business. You are resilient and determined when starting a business or making an investment decision.

Sphere of friendship: Better friend than lover!

Epicurean, you want to enjoy everything to the fullest and in good company. Sociable, communicative and demanding, friendship holds an important place in your life, you have a great sense of hospitality. Sometimes you have confused relationships with certain friends, when you can no longer distinguish very well the exact contours of your feelings.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in an Earth sign

Whatever the field, you show seriousness and constancy to reach the goal you have set yourself. To blossom, you have an essential need for both emotional and material security. You are addicted to sure values and habits.

Your sun and ascendant are in square

Your personality pushes you to seek balance, paradoxically through great radical changes capable of leading you to an ever more secure stability. But you are often impatient, selfish or intolerant. You sometimes lack perspective or objectivity in your opinions and you tend to be authoritarian under the guise of benevolence.

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