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Introduction: Possessive!

Scorpio ascendant Taurus: This mixture limits sharing, you like to possess people and objects, it often puts you in conflict situations. Seduction is your major asset to get what you want, those who resist you are rare. You have instinct in your steps, you are often in the right place at the right time. You must manage your jealousy and your authority to maintain a good atmosphere in your relational life.

Strengths of the for Scorpio ascendant Taurus: Sensual and greedy
Weaknesses of the for Scorpio ascendant Taurus: Exclusive and stubborn

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Personality: Builder!

Your astrological configuration facilitates you in the fields which require much patience, courage, you are well armed for the great projects. On the other hand, you are not at ease in climates where hypocrisy reigns. You are naturally inclined to conciliation and equity. Your emotional life will be preponderant in relation to your personal evolution, it will have a repercussion in all the fields.

Vitality / Temperament: Passionate but difficult to live with!

You are endowed with an eminently sensitive nature which spontaneously turns you towards the other, towards the search for harmony between beings. Depending on the education you have been given, it will be all or nothing: you are indeed likely to have blockages with regard to the notion of refinement which can sometimes push you into the other opposite!

Love and emotional relationships: Sensual and jealous!

In love, you are very possessive and jealous, you tend to smother your partner. But when you commit yourself, you give yourself completely. Very sensual, sexuality holds a very important place in the balance of your couple. You are terribly exclusive, with your affairs, your affections and even your ideas. Your sensuality a little animal makes you very attractive. You need a partner who is a good match for you: sensual, open, tolerant and affectionate. On this condition, you will be able to relax, let yourself be loved and blossom fully.

In the family: Home sweet home!

At home, you are an authoritative and charismatic patriarch who conveys a lot of energy. You try to lead by example and you do everything so that your loved ones can shine in the fields they are passionate about. You are generous and warm when you are in a good mood, but you can be very angry when your loved ones do not respect your will. Your loyalty knows no bounds and you will defend your loved ones to the point of insanity if necessary but your grudge will be eternal if you feel betrayed.

Relationship with money / material goods: Unusual!

Your professional life is full of surprises, of changes of course due to your unexpected accesses of independence and freedom which make you flee the monotony of routine and thus recreate other environments in which you feel better again. Not especially gifted to carry out professional projects when they are too concrete or too classical, your social evolution is variable, you are too idealistic to really care about them, you are often quite detached from a really personal ambition and you favor humanistic tracks or at least, of collective interest.

Socio-professional life: Always more!

Your business sense can make you very rich but you always suffer from a permanent dissatisfaction. You have a taste for material or emotional possessions and a real gift for making your capital, your assets, grow. You generally spend wisely and, if you can be very generous, you always know the value of what you offer.

Sphere of friendship: Sharing good times!

Dominated by your emotions and instincts, your desires are powerful. Very combative, determined, courageous, whole and often stubborn, you know what you want and get it, you can't stand failure. You tend to submit others to your will. Playful, open, dynamic, epicurean, you like to enjoy the good things in life and share them. You are very faithful in friendship but beware of the one who betrays you.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

For you, to act is to confront others and you particularly appreciate energetic people who are able to make decisions. Thus, you spend your energy in relationships but must be careful not to impose yourself too much by being too impulsive or instinctive.

Your sun and ascendant are in opposition

When you are young, you probably put your needs before those of others because you lack self-confidence and want to please everyone, but as you mature, you understand the importance of developing as an individual. In your personal life, it is very important for you to have a partner to feel complete.

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