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Introduction: Common sense, but not always!

Gemini ascendant Taurus: You shine by your practical spirit and your sharp sense of reality with, in general, excellent manual or artisanal dispositions. However, you are handicapped by a certain instability and a lack of distance from what happens to you. You have a tendency to rush to conclusions, both in business and in love, which predisposes you to certain disillusions if you do not use your intellectual faculties enough...

Strengths of the for Gemini ascendant Taurus: Courageous and benevolent
Weaknesses of the for Gemini ascendant Taurus: Sectarian and paradoxical

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Personality: Full of contradictions!

You have a personality full of paradoxes, you are in search of security, adventure and discovery. As a result, you tend to make leaps of faith that leave you hungry, but reason allows you to live with them. Assertive, but conciliatory, you feel a deep need for harmony around you and you are sensitive to atmosphere. Vulgarity horrifies you, conflicts seem useless to you.

Vitality / Temperament: Between work and exchanges!

Refractory to routine, you are brimming with ideas to brighten up your day. But underneath your casual appearance hides an organized mind, you love to laugh, to have fun, but when the work is over. You have more than one string to your bow. Gifted for manual jobs, you often manage to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, but when you come across an obstacle you don't know how to react. You are very sociable and always meet new people who bring you opportunities.

Love and emotional relationships: Charming, but elusive!

Your sentimental path is unstable, because you are torn between the need for stability and the need for freedom. You are afraid to invest yourself and in your youth, you tend to accumulate conquests. But with time, you aspire to more stability, to found a family. Very communicative, you are an excellent speaker knowing how to use your charm, your humor and your intellect to seduce. Your sentimental life is tumultuous, only age will bring you maturity.

In the family: A stable but open family!

You are smart, sharp and very observant. You have a keen sense of justice and fairness, you are naturally inclined to evaluate the most complex situations with balance. However, you can become too sectarian by dint of living in the same universe, it will be extremely profitable for you to discover different cultures and to learn to synthesize things without systematically analyzing everything.

Relationship with money / material goods: Money is not an issue!

You have a real flair for business, investments, finances. Opportunistic, you have the art of finding the necessary support to obtain what you want, to take advantage of the situations which arise.

Socio-professional life: Social or humanitarian job!

You are a methodical worker who leaves nothing to chance. You calculate and plan all your actions. You want to master your field of activity perfectly, to broaden your knowledge, your skills and to give a good image of yourself. A profession in the shade, behind the scenes, will undoubtedly suit you better than a public activity. You can flourish by working to help people who are neglected, excluded, deprived, in a prison, a hospital, a hospice for example. An artistic activity can also be favorable to you.

Sphere of friendship: Many friends and few friends!

Sociable, open, jovial, you attract many sympathies. However, you put your activities before leisure time with friends. You are a faithful friend, but often absent. But when you are needed, you are always there, you just have to ask...

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in an Earth sign

Air dries up Earth, this mixture is not easy. Air, light, inventive and very sociable, clashes with Earth, lacking a grain of madness and you often suffer from a certain instability. You go too fast or too far in your vision of life.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

You make the best of your contradictions, alternately sociable and solitary, exalted and realistic. Your existence is a ping-pong match between your different tendencies that are difficult to reconcile.

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