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Chinese element: Fire

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The characteristics of Fire in Chinese astrology:

Fire was born out of the union between Heaven and Earth. It is associated with the heart and its tendency is bitter. It provides warmth and light. Fire gives energy but can also be destructive if not controlled. In society Fire symbolises combat. Fiery men of action often depend on the element Fire. Fire brings war, but it also purifies. It can be gentle and refined.

Those born under the influence of this chinese element are ambitious and action-driven. On the other hand, they can often be over-the-top and sometimes have issues with self-control.

Fire and the Sign of the Rat :

Always on the go, the Fire-Rat is dynamic, open and efficient. He is very impatient and will not wait very long to take action. He is anti-establishment and will fight courageously against injustice. The Fire Rat is capable of undertaking some very impressive projects.

Fire and the Sign of the Ox :

His strong personality sets him apart and he will never allow himself to be trampled on. Sincere and fair, the Ox born under this element will always be loyal to his friends. The Fire-Ox does not like to take advantage of situations and would rely only on himself to move forward. He will never be bothered about the superfluous, his aim being to focus on the essential.

Fire and the Sign of the Tiger :

The Fire-Tiger is a consummate orator and very persuasive. He is enthusiastic and his good humour is infectious. His unfailing energy helps him to tackle all problems. He is a fighter who likes to make his voice heard against any kind of injustice. He is very quick to take on the role of a lawyer to help those who are oppressed.

Fire and the Sign of the Rabbit :

The Fire-Rabbit is very intuitive and good at surrounding himself with trustworthy friends. He avoids conflict, preferring to move calmly and at his own pace. Warm and open, he will be able to find good support to move forward in life. He is extremely independent and nothing nor anyone will be able to hold him back, when he makes a decision.

Fire and the Sign of the Dragon :

The Fire-Dragon is very hard on himself, but also hard on others. Fortunately his great generosity has the effect of making people forgive him everything. He is a person who stands out immediately. He is able to motivate a team and his dynamic approach is very often contagious. His good nature makes him a consummate humanist.

Fire and the Sign of the Snake :

Energetic but domineering, the Fire-Snake knows what he wants. His ambitions are not trivial: he is looking for glory, money and power. He does not care what others think of him and just pushes ahead. He likes to be surrounded by a limited circle of friends. The Fire Snake has a tendency to go it alone. Very sensual by nature, he is a passionate lover, but is also extremely jealous. He loves and hates with great fervour.

Fire and the Sign of the Horse :

The Fire-Horse is a free thinker and always on the go. His lively mind fascinates those close to him. He has heaps of ideas, which he sometimes finds difficult to get under control. He has a serious approach to work and does not like being watched over. His desire for freedom is great and his ingenuity makes him a good colleague. He will manage to find a solution to any problem. His temper is scary and he is capable of wounding others deeply, making him capable of saying things he does not actually mean.

Fire and the Sign of the Goat :

The Fire-Goat sticks with his ideas for life. At work he takes the initiative and his creativity enables him to come up with new ideas. He loves inventing things. The Fire Goat appreciates his home-comforts. He is sensitive and can easily turn aggressive if he feels he is under attack. But as a general rule, his natural grace goes down well.

Fire and the Sign of the Monkey :

The Fire-Monkey is the epitome of charm ! He loves people and life, courting both girls and boys. He is a good talker and succeeds in charming others effortlessly. He loves to be a step ahead of others, hence his constant need to keep on learning. He is generally successful in all he undertakes.

Fire and the Sign of the Rooster :

Motivated and determined, his determination is unshakeable. The Fire-Rooster is tactful. He cannot tolerate setbacks and his leadership qualities are appreciated. He is upright and respectable. He is sometimes too demanding and can make a few enemies, but his organisational skills are in demand to bring all kinds of projects to successful completion.

Fire and the Sign of the Dog :

The Fire-Dog has amazing charm. He is gentle and friendly, but can also be arrogant if forced to do something he does not initially want to do. He loves celebrating and his optimistic nature is appreciated by his friends. He is an artist. Honest and sincere, he finishes what he has started.

Fire and the Sign of the Pig :

With him, everything is black or white and his feelings can change from one minute to the next. But the lull comes after the stormÂ… Nothing is certain ! You are never bored with him. When he makes a decision, there will be no turning back. The Fire-Pig is passionate and if he embarks on something, he will be full of enthusiasm, and set goals he will want to reach, just for the pleasure of winning.

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