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Introduction: Strong and proud!

Scorpio ascendant Leo: You have a powerful personality, you are even a little enigmatic. Your leaning looks hide an iron will and a great firmness. Your dominating character does not adapt well to half-tones. You are very demanding, but also very loving when you know how to be taken... Your susceptibility can be disconcerting because you put so much self-esteem in the most insignificant details in the eyes of others.

Strengths of the for Scorpio ascendant Leo: Generous and insightful
Weaknesses of the for Scorpio ascendant Leo: Authoritarian and suspicious

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Personality: Powerful!

Endowed with a powerful and charismatic personality, you live at a hundred miles an hour, multiplying your activities. Tenacious, even obstinate, you never let go of what you undertake. Your need to achieve, your incredible willpower and your unfailing determination allow you to obtain all that you desire and that in all the fields.

Vitality / Temperament: Excellent strategist!

You are endowed with a strong personality that doesn't mind asserting itself, saying out loud what you think, even if it shocks some people. You know easily how to relate to others, how to introduce yourself in any environment as long as you need it to achieve your goals. Your nature is skilled in strategy, in negotiating commercial and political interests. Diplomacy can become a great strength, you are of a generous nature that finds great satisfaction in helping others, in advising them.

Love and emotional relationships: Intense seduction!

In love as in friendship, you are of a reliability with any test. You give yourself without counting the cost to those you love. You are a great seducer who constantly needs to please. In couple, you show yourself imaginative and spontaneous, one is never bored with you, but you do not leave much place to your partner to exist.

In the family: Invite rather than go out!

Your creativity is entirely directed towards your home to embellish it, to decorate it. You want a pleasant interior, a happy home, you are proud of your family life. Your nature pushes you to build a stable home in which you shine with impulses of tyranny which can sometimes lead to conflicts. You are authoritarian and have a great ability to lead. You are very endearing and attached to your loved ones, lucid on the needs of each one. You relax at home, for better or worse...

Relationship with money / material goods: Telecommuting is preferred!

Working from home is particularly well suited to you or, in an indirect way, professions related to genealogy or real estate. But also, everything that embellishes the house like design, decoration, sewing... Not doing anything without deep conviction, you need a professional activity that transports you, that fascinates you. You need to impose yourself and you know how to make your projects accepted and to draw attention on you.

Socio-professional life: A brick in the belly!

You need a solid and secure family base in order to flourish. You are looking to make your home warm and inviting for your friends and family. Attracted by decorating, you often spend time finding fine art that reflects your inner feelings and makes you feel secure. Spending money to live in a relaxing and beautiful environment also facilitates the harmony of your emotional relationships.

Sphere of friendship: Hard, but fair!

You are inflexible, but also fair and honest. Expansive, extroverted, you radiate and show a great spontaneity in your exchanges. But your demands, your need to dominate and to be right all the time do not always facilitate your relationships. However, under your armor hides a great generosity and a lot of tenderness.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in a fire sign

You like to command and you show your authority sometimes with a little too much force. This can lead to conflict or violence in the home and can also be detrimental to family harmony. Your anger or outbursts are only a cover for a feeling of inferiority.

Your sun and ascendant are in square

Beware of the risk of shutting yourself up in the inner circle of your family, for your love for your loved ones is strongly accentuated. Problems may arise when your children grow up and leave your cozy nest. So, pay attention to your paternalistic side, which should not be too invasive, and be careful to control your emotions.

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