The Magic of Valentine's Day

Written by Alison

No question of denying yourself this Valentine's Day. Beyond the clichés, remains a great opportunity to declare your love or to find yourself alone with a loved one. What energy are you going to give off? That's the whole question and it depends largely on your zodiac sign. Discover it in this article as a light and tender inspiration!


February 14th? You haven't put much thought into it, but here we are. So throw yourself in. You're the type to kneel down to declare your love, whether you're a man or a woman, for that matter. Play the big game, a red dress or leather. And if you are a couple, well, improvise a spontaneous outing, rich in thrills.


Ready for the pleasures of love? Valentine's Day, it speaks to you, no doubt about that! But there is no question of spending this symbolic holiday without reserving the best restaurant or ideally, an inn in the countryside. The feelings will be there, with a cozy and luxurious outfit, champagne and romantic songs.


Valentine's Day, we can not say that you take this holiday totally seriously. Above all, you see a good opportunity to go out and mix love and friendship. You could be scared away if pressure is put on you. So, put on a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, plan a small gift, but don't overdo, it would feel forced. And go dance to show your varied talents.


You who loves the evidence of love, you expect a lot from such a day. February 14th is the perfect opportunity, unique in the year, to make a tender statement. You have nothing against old fashioned manners, like a hand-written letter, to unfold your innermost thoughts, even a poem. Eye to eye, drink to your couple!


For Valentine's Day, you will be the most beautiful couple around, the one that will attract all eyes. You also have a great evening planned in a prestigious restaurant or a trendy bar. When it comes to fashion, you go big: glitter, lace and gold. No question of zapping gifts, if possible glittering jewels or a flashy, impressive accessory. You will never do too much in the name of love.


More rational than sentimental, you rely mainly on your sincerity and that of the other: Valentine's Day is an opportunity to prove your loyalty. Come on, put a little effort into it and choose something modest, which is just like you. Give a book from an author who is dear to you or why not, something that accompanies the other in their daily life, a precious pen or a nice agenda.


Valentine's Day is a party that seems to have been invented for you! You want the party to be tender, refined and charming. So imagine an unforgettable outing, maybe even a romantic getaway. You take care of the details and put in the time to prepare yourself, just so you won't forget the flowers, nor the gift that will make your partner blush or light up their eyes.


A little rebellious, you prefer to celebrate Valentine's Day secretly, out of sight. To get to the bottom of your thoughts, you would rather imagine a hot night than a public tęte-ŕ-tęte, with fake smiles. For you, love lives in a passionate and ardent way, without compromise. It will be necessary that the other is up to your requirements!


Valentine's Day, for you, is an opportunity to give a little sparkle to the day to day, to put a little joy in the routine. Willingly chivalrous, you expect the other person to be in the same mood, to aim high. A good restaurant will be essential, perhaps a nightclub outing or, quite simply, a trip for two in a warm country.


Is February 14th a date like any other? You approach the day with great caution, not liking to expose your feelings. The ideal for you would be to stay alone at home or in a cottage lost up there on the mountain. Thus, in a quiet atmosphere, you will be able to let go and show a little confidence towards your partner, with whom you intend to live your life.


Valentine's Day, you never forget to remember, is not only a day for lovers but also a day for friendship. You hate to leave anyone on the side of the road! Besides, you do not forget to wish a beautiful day to all those whom you appreciate and that you cross paths with today. To follow this temperament to the end, bet on a surprise: a comedy show, a nice stroll at night, everything is possible!


An incorrigible romantic, your Valentine's Day is based on the care of the best florists. Brewed with red roses, white orchids, a bouquet of peonies: you want to respect the unspoken codes of love, with all the symbols. The important thing for you is to live a an evening of fusion, which you will never forget.


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