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Written by Alison

Discover our tips to be happy and lucky, have a boost in your daily life whether in love, meeting or finance. Luck ! Some believe in their lucky stars; others consider themselves unlucky and others do not believe in luck and only consider opportunities.

David upsets all these received ideas by giving you the keys of luck, the true one: the one you induce by your behavior, your way of thinking and your initiatives. Because, if luck exists, you must however go to seek or seize it as it passes. Luck is most often an opportunity, learn not to miss a single opportunity, to think positive, to attract luck as the metal attracts a magnet.
No magic: behavior and techniques, that's what David offers in this section full of promise!

Attract luck or success by changing thoughts

Every day we act under the influence of our thoughts (ideas, words, images...). They were made by our education, our childhood, our beliefs, in the very heart of our mind that was shaped by our successes, our failures, our hopes, our disappointments, our global experience, in short. But it is an indisputable thing: if our internal instructions are negative, we will obtain identical results, that is to say negative. On the other hand, if our internal instructions are positive, it is obvious that we will achieve great achievements. Why? Because we program this software that governs our brain and makes us see the existence through a filter that takes the colors of our emotions. How to change? The whole question is to become aware of the little voice in the head that keeps reminding us of our failures. If you hear in you: "Oh, I cannot do that... and then he will refuse my proposal.”, We must react and say to ourselves that« Yes, I am able to do it! And I have nothing to lose, everything to gain. In the end, you say: "Whatever the outcome of this meeting, I will have learned, and I will be stronger. Written by David

What to do against bad luck?

You've had a bad time in the day: stay positive and see the good side. If you have had a terrible appointment, apply the maxim: "Something bad is good.” Learning to remove the positive aspect of each event, even a flop or a crash, is not to be overwhelmed. Cultivate an image of yourself that is excellent because if you are not a reference for yourself, you may suffer unpleasant surprises or get stuck inside. While if you value yourself, you will always have fondness for your place, and this is a great wealth to continue to move forward with a capital trust that is worth all the banks in the world. Determine specific goals: Whatever your goals, take the time; if you have to make a sacrifice, it is all to your credit because you will learn from your limits. Visualize your desires: feel things as if you already had them: the triggered emotion is the key and your unconscious will work towards the materialization of your objectives. Written by David

The mudra of wealth

The mudra is a millennial yoga position practiced by its followers to optimize certain things of their existence like stabilize the emotions, reinforce the vital energy, improve the concentration. This position also has the effect of decoupling the flow of energy of its user and improve its financial situation. In your meditative pose, you will focus on the meaning of your mudra. You will adopt a comfortable posture and you will advance your hands, palms facing upward and you will join them so that your little fingers touch. It will gather the index finger, middle finger and thumb of each hand. With your eyes closed, you will relax following the rhythm of your deep breathing. It is a meditation that should ideally practice regularly. However, do not expect to become multimillionaires, but rather to live decently, sheltered from need. Written by David

Unnecessary essential...

If you go on vacation, you will not forget your suitcase, it is a fact, in which you will find clothes adapted to your stay, the toilet bag; in short, everything that will participate in your minimal comfort. If you have not thought of it yet, have someone else come along to help you and keep you connected to your inner thinking. This can be your tarot game that you can query to find out where you are, it can be a personal development book that gives you some indication of your personal journey, a novel whose story or protagonist would represent significant values that resonate in you or even your gri-gri which would be the talisman giving you a form of assurance and intimacy with the unknown. Provided that your object continues to bring you this ability to concentrate in your inner bosom and act as a spiritual guide. Written by David

An experience based on luck

Richard Wiseman, a famous psychologist, conducted a special experiment to show why some people are lucky. And the test could justify that lucky people know how to locate "good opportunities". A newspaper was assigned to two groups of subjects (considering themselves lucky or not) by asking them to count the number of photographs. And the average time to do it was two minutes in the "unlucky" and a few seconds in the "lucky". " How is it possible? The second page of the diary contained a message stating, "Stop counting, there are 43 photographs in this diary." This message was really clear and discernible since it was spread over half of the page and was written in large print. If it challenged everyone, "unlucky" people tended to miss it, unlike "lucky" people. A second big message was located in the middle of the newspaper: "Stop counting. Tell the experimenter that you saw this and earn $ 250. "The so-called" unlucky "people missed the message, too busy counting the photographs... Written by David

Asking the right question to bring luck

To play with happiness, to have an insolent chance, is a mindset that is cultivated. Few are watching for the darkness of existence to become good-wave magnets. Generally, when an event happens, whether it is positive or negative, the lucky one asks the question: "What potential holds this situation? "Or" What are the chances contained in this situation? " the unlucky one will ask himself: "What are the problems that this situation may attract me? ". Only such a basic question will be enough to provoke the forces of luck or bad luck because this question determines our way of seeing things. There is neither positive nor negative thought but a mental questioning that opens or closes. The way to ask a question causes a reaction of luck or bad luck. It is not the situation itself that provokes luck or the opposite but the way to excite our consciousness that will react to our interrogation. Because the mind will always answer your questions by taking inspiration from the essence of them. That is why it is very important to know how to ask the determining question. Written by David

A chance factor to take into account

Among the factors studied by Richard Wiseman, the psychologist who has devoted his life to these phenomena of fortune, cause luck, it is out of habit. Unfortunate people have the unfortunate tendency to do the same thing all the time. Not leaving your routine is to repeat your life and make it always as even as possible, without surprises. The days that follow each other and spread are monotonous music and the funny thing is that we are even more aware. We can find a metaphor for this sleepy routine in the movie "A never-ending day" with Bill Murray, where every morning when he wakes up, the hero finds that it's the same day he's condemned to relive. To escape this temporal loop, he is led to change, to dare, to try things and actions that he had never imagined before. By bringing, little by little, variety in our life, we renew ourselves and call from the heart of our being these curious phenomena of luck. Written by David

Multiply your chances

The author of the book "Making a Difference" has been studying the phenomena of luck and bad luck for more than 10 years. He found that each person is hardly more favored than another; to tell the truth, each lucky subject receives as many opportunities as the unlucky subject. The difference comes from their way of apprehending the events of their life. Lucky people use an area of ??the brain that scientists are constantly looking at. It is called the "activating reticular function of the brain"; this name, a little too scholarly, covers an astonishing attitude: we draw to ourselves what we pay attention to. You become pregnant and only see pregnant women. You want a red race car and you see almost every corner. It's the same with luck or goals. Your "networked function" takes you to what is important to you. Brain science considers that this function in us acts as a mental radar. Also, chance opportunities, surprising encounters can happen provided we stimulate our thoughts in one direction... Experiment! Written by David

7 iridescent colors

The rainbow was not an innocent symbol for the ancients; when it appeared after a storm, it meant the presence of a beneficent deity. In their eyes, it united the earth and the sky and was perceived as the symbol of communication between men and gods. Among the Incas, it was associated with the Sun God. In Greece, it was the goddess Iris who personified it, then transmitting to mortals the messages of the gods of Olympus. In Scandinavian mythology, it is represented by the Bifrost Bridge, built by the gods from their home, Asgard, and the land. Closer to home, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the rainbow personifies divine clemency and the new covenant made by humans after the Flood. It is a rainbow which, in the passage of Genesis, appears to Noah to materialize the link reestablished between God and men. Written by David

Manage your problems

If you do not have any problem, write us to know how you do it, we are interested! But if, like most humans, you have some worries and you tend to leave them hanging around, one thing is to be done to start taking them by the throat: lay them on a paper or in a notebook, one by one, in order of importance; number them eventually. And scrolling through your list, you will find a first solution for each of them, then a second solution, a third, etc. Let go, put everything in your head, realistic and even less realistic, do what is called a "brainstorming" and you will see that after, you will already start to see more clearly. Sometimes, strangely enough, some things resolve themselves as soon as you start writing them, but that's only up to you. In any case, it is always good to write them. This is even more beneficial when you imagine solutions because this step prior to action clears your horizon and your eyes to a possible release. Written by David

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