What kind of lover is he?

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If you draw 2 cards from the 22 arcana in your Tarot pack, you can find out more about your behaviour in your love-life and your sensuality, along with your desires and your expectations of love. The first card you draw will tell you about your own behaviour in love, while the second one will enlighten you on what you expect from your partner. Before you pick the two cards, shuffle them face down and then lay out the full pack before you. Move on to your draw and then refer to the following interpretations.

The Fool:
He is very independent and bent on freedom, a man who totally lacks discernment in his choices in his love-life and never manages to enjoy a stable relationship. He is light-hearted and carefree, running from his responsibilities and giving way to his desires and impulses without taking account of the consequences. He is always ready for new adventures and it is therefore difficult for him to find happiness and make a commitment.

The Magician:
He is witty, with a sense of humour and undeniable talent and charm. He can always find the right words to arouse interest and attract female attention. He is extremely crafty in achieving his goals. He will easily make the first move but is never really sure what he wants. He lacks gravitas and stability, and can have a tendency to be manipulative.

The High Priestess:
Although he can seem introverted and inaccessible on first acquaintance, this is an intuitive, extremely sensual, very understanding and profoundly well-balanced person. He needs to take his time before awarding his trust, and is quite a perfectionist and selective in his choices in his love-life. Once a relationship is established, he will always be there to provide well-being and emotional security.

The Empress:
This is a sociable, understanding, sincere, tender-hearted and genuine man. He needs a stable, lasting relationship, devoid of all complication. He will aspire to share his loyal, harmonious feelings and take care of his partner. Although he is loving and protective, he can, however, prove extremely jealous and possessive.

The Emperor:
He isn't very faithful in his commitment to relationships. In fact, his hunger for desire doesn't make him truly stable, nor does it prevent him from succumbing to temptation. However, he does need peace of mind and his aspiration is to enjoy a calm love-life. In spite of his frivolous behaviour, he will seek the emotional security he needs.

The Hierophant:
This is a man who is a real stickler for morality and principles, with a tendency to favour his own ambitions and convictions to the detriment of his love-life. For this reason, he can seem rigid and lacking in tenderness. However, when he loves, he is profoundly sincere and faithful. With him, stability and security are the name of the day.

The Lover:
He is charming and likes to please and feel seductive. No-one is indifferent to him. However, this is a man with a tendency to spread himself too thin, flit from one thing to another, vary his pleasures and accumulate adventures. He is always torn between the desire to leave or stay, or to try new experiences. As a result, he finds it hard to find stability and invest in a relationship long-term.

The Chariot:
This man is charming, dynamic and enterprising, with ways and means of seduction. He is always on the move and seeks a stimulating relationship that will enable him to move forward and establish shared projects. This person is passionate and loves without half-measures. He is overflowing with ideas and fantasies, and you will never feel bored at his side.

This is a man who is receptive to physical beauty. He attaches great importance to ways of seduction and being courted. He is very selective in his choices in his love-life. Above all, he seeks a stable, balanced and harmonious relationship. He appreciates women who are sincere, straightforward and calm, with whom he can share the same principles and values.

The Hermit:
This is a rather mysterious, enigmatic, discreet and solitary man, who aspires to a harmonious life with his partner. He has real listening skills and is very understanding. He is very intuitive, and able to guess and anticipate the reactions of the one he loves. This is a calm, serene man of confidence, who will know how to be his own person in all circumstances. However, he appreciates those who respect his need for solitude.

The Wheel of Fortune:
This is a born seducer who likes change and has difficulty in really committing to a relationship. In fact, he finds it hard to control his urges and desires. His love-life is up and down as he is too concerned with enjoying new experiences. He lives from day to day and is incapable of envisaging a long-term future.

This is a kindly, loving, generous man, who is overflowing with sensuality. He acts and wins people over with determination, without allowing himself to be engulfed by his emotions. He is reassuring, and very attentive and full of good advice in helping to overcome obstacles. His love is boundless but he has a tendency to be quite exclusive.

The Hanged Man:
This is a man who is profoundly devoted and idealistic, but with a tendency to be emotionally dependent. He is capable of loving passionately and irrationally, in the sense that he needs to give himself entirely to a woman. However, he is also capable of going against his desires and giving up on all relationships. As a result, he encounters many a difficulty in leading a calm love-life.

He is very idealistic and does not react in a rational manner, having a profound need to change the person with whom he is smitten completely. He loves passionately and finds it hard to form a constructive relationship. His liking for change and his perpetual questioning are not very reassuring when living at his side.

This is a man with very good communications skills, who is pleasant and conciliatory. However, he is not really ready to settle down and commit to a relationship, as he is not very faithful. Although he is looking for a genuine and privileged relationship, he prefers to make the most of life's pleasures and the adventures on offer.

The Devil:
This is a man who knows perfectly well how to play on his seductive powers to attract female favours. He loves being seductive and being seduced. He is capable of using all kinds of strategies to achieve his goals. He is difficult to resist. In love, he can be both exclusive and passionate, or completely permissive and unscrupulous.

The House of God:
This man is hypersensitive by nature and can easily be shaken by his emotions. His inhibition prevents him from revealing his desires and feelings. He therefore leads an up-and-down love-life and is inclined to fall in love at first sight on a regular basis. With him, you should not expect to be able to build a harmonious relationship.

The Star:
This is an optimistic, sociable man, with all the necessary attributes for achieving his goals. He is romantic, intuitive and open-minded, dreaming of a perfect, unconditional and harmonious love-life. However, he can be tempted to put his personal pleasures first, making the most of the right moment and descending into a debauched lifestyle. As a result, he is inclined to cultivate superficial love-affairs.

The Moon:
This man is hypersensitive by nature and can easily be derailed by a tide of emotions and feelings. He needs a tender-hearted partner who will know how to be protective and bring him the emotional security he needs. He can therefore quickly be disappointed in a relationship that does not go as he would like.

The Sun:
This is a warm-hearted, pleasant, open man, who glows with energy. He was made for perfect happiness and great love-affairs. Once he has found that special person, he will maintain a deep, lasting and sincere relationship. Life at his side will be harmonious, dynamic and filed with joy.

So that he can enjoy a calm, sensual and harmonious relationship, he needs to grow in maturity and wisdom. Once he has gone through this stage, he will be able to show uprightness, kindliness and great listening skills, and will be able to enjoy a very pleasant relationship.

The World:
This is an independent, charismatic and thoughtful man, who refutes any idea of possessiveness and loves without concern for tomorrow. His feelings are deep and intense. His aspiration is to enjoy a relationship devoid of any complication with someone who matches his expectations and will leave him space for freedom.

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