Tips for love for the Aries and Aquarius couple

Written by Alison

The passionate impulses of Aries, which scares so many partners, does not destabilize Aquarius, who is always ready for the unusual and an adventure. Both signs have a great respect for each other's freedom. Aries feels like they have finally met someone who can understand them, and Aquarius is warming up to this great inferno of love, as they have a tendency to rationalize their feelings.

Love compatibility between Aries and Aquarius

This is a spicy and enriching combination with a lot in common. Aquarius' ideas are pushed forward by Aries' energy - what a duo! Problems may stem from Aries' ego as well as from Aquarius' braininess. Respect each other's differences. For this relationship to last, you will have to find shared goals and stick to them. This way, your dynamism can work wonders.

Compatibility between a Aries woman and a Aquarius man

This is a sincere, enriching, and fulfilling relationship for these two signs, devoid of all vestiges of pretense or lying. Wonderful exchanges and a fairy-tale romance are in store for these two. They both know how quench their thirst for newness and every sort of pleasure. They will always be up for new adventures, and they both move forward, never nostalgic for the past. They look forward to the future – their future! They will be the ones to refashion their foundations as they see fit.

Compatibility between a Aries man and a Aquarius woman

Lady Aquarius will nestle up to her Aries. He's the own who knows how to make decisions for the both of them, and she will let him be her guide. She prefers to dream and let him do as he wishes. He will find in this idyllic romance the easy-living he needs to reach total fulfillment. She knows how to set him dreaming and how to urge him on with her original ideas, which he will put into practice without further ado. Aquarius' calm and reflective nature have a calming effect on him without depleting his energy, but which he can channel and use effectively and efficiently.

Compatibility between a Aries woman and a Aquarius woman

You will be confronted with a partner that will push you out of your comfort zone and force you to get over your hesitations in every way, while at the same time giving you the confidence in your own values. Aquarius, make a decision - and only one! This is what your partner asks of you, so forge ahead and make the best concession you could to your partner: let your fantasy take over when you two are alone together. This will be to your advantage when it comes to romance, and to your social life. Your partner needs you in order to channel her energy. It's up to you to help her do so, though without trying to dominate her.

Compatibility between a Aries man and a Aquarius man

You are an inventive energetic couple, who lacks stability and discipline, but have great potential in communication, as long as Aries shows a little tact, and Aquarius shows less arrogance. The best way to relieve tension is to do something, anything together: something intellectual or social for Aquarius, or sporty for Aries... If Aries is clumsy or tactless, Aquarius will know just what to say, and what arguments to use, to help them along.

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