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Our tips for better living in confinement

Written by Mary

Confinement to one's home for an indefinite period of time is a parenthesis that can be perceived as a harmful period of life. And yet, it is a period when one can find oneself to refocus and have time to devote to one's home. Here are a few tips to organize your home with a fresh eye according to the sensitivity of each astrological sign. Let's go through the zodiac:


Organize your workspace
Your workspace should be well laid out to optimize your concentration. Whether your office area is in your bedroom or in your living room (if you don't have a dedicated room),make sure it is up to your potential. Opt for a comfortable chair and support your back with a cushion. Don't neglect good light sources to avoid tiring your eyes. And if you work on a computer, give it a good cleaning from time to time.


Putting green in the mood
Bring a cool breeze into your home. If you have a garden, take a few bouquets home, otherwise gather the plants you have on hand and place them on your telework desk or main living area - and enjoy! You can also collect the plants on your coffee table or use windowsills to turn them into a small-scale garden. Your mind will thank you!


Make a relentless sorting
Sorting will ensure that you don't accumulate unnecessary items again. Putting your house in order will be fulfilling, soothing and will also put your mind in order. To give you a proven guideline, it is to throw away or recycle everything that no longer moves you and finally keep everything that brings you obvious inner joy. When you have managed your big sorting, your apartment will make you serene and more creative.


Ordering one's room
In your case, sleep is a sure value for your well-being. It keeps you fit and recharges your batteries to transcend reality. Also, it is necessary to clear the space in your room as you clear your mind. Tidy up by clearing out the laundry that is lying around, organize the contents of your cupboards and bedside table. And see if this is also possible: the direction of your headboard to the north for a better sleep.


Empty your dressing room
Do a spring cleaning in your dressing room. Sort your clothes and make piles according to the seasons. Once you've done that, you'll see more clearly to get rid of what you no longer wear or look good. It's now or never to mourn all those textiles that clutter you, bye bye faded t-shirts or old-fashioned pants. After that, track down the old laundry with holes in it and unlikely colors. It will do you good!


Household planning
To prevent the household from becoming a mess, make a rigorous schedule. This will allow you not to be caught off guard when the time comes to launch a washing operation. Give yourself visibility over the week by dividing up the essential tasks so that it is easier to carry out. For example, Monday for windows, Tuesday for floors, Wednesday for dust. Or you can tackle a room every day if that suits you better.


Let the walls breathe
Give life to your walls. Some of them remain white and lack life, take care of them to animate them and make some spaces of your interior warmer, more dynamic. Your aesthetic sense will know exactly what to do. Art photos, decorative posters, hanging plants, summer souvenirs, pegboards, go in search of beauty, open your magazines to cut out the picture of your dreams, and decorate and dress your walls!


Deselect spaces
Clearly, the couch can be the busiest place in your home. However, it is advisable to change the decor as long as possible to keep your mind fresh and airy. To do this, use each space in your home for different purposes: your work on a desk, your relaxing breaks on the sofa, another corner for your exercises etc. Even if it's a question of writing a letter, respect the dedicated areas. And in order to sleep well, reserve your bed only for your hours of sleep.


Track down the bathroom
Go to your bathroom to dispose of anything that no longer needs to be there. It piles up over the years in your drawers and you're left with too many useless things. Beauty creams from the Middle Ages, expired medications, disjointed towels, enough of that, get out and breathe easier by coming in first thing in the morning. Don't forget the side of the bathtub where a floating rubber toy or a sponge in bloom that's had its day.


Take care of your plants
Take care of your plants because they soothe you every day. For example, you can repot them (unless they are in bloom) or clean the outside of the pots. You can also add new potting soil to the surface of your large pots and cut off the ends of climbing plants before attaching them to a stake. Finally, bringing your plants closer to the windows is not negligible, as well as dosing the watering a little more if required.


Classify provisions
Think of a good organization of your cupboards and fridge. Make an inventory of what you have when you take it all out and take advantage of this operation to clean the surfaces with white vinegar. Then you can group each item by type to help you find your way around more easily. What you use the least will be stored at the top. And in your fridge, put food that has a short date in plain sight, so you don't forget and spoil it.


Set up a reading corner
Take advantage of this retirement period to set up a reading corner. You will enlarge your mental space to (re)discover colorful characters and parallel worlds. Your space for this activity can be set up in your bedroom, a corner of the living room or even in a corridor if it is big enough. Get a flock of soft cushions and a protective blanket to isolate yourself on your refreshing and inspiring island.

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