Scorpio: your weekly horoscope for the week of 28th of November 2022

Written by Susan

Astral forecast

It is a period of awareness that allows us to distinguish the conditioning linked to the lived experience. You become capable of freeing yourself from them, perhaps by having to fight against people who give you a limited image of yourself. Stop feeling persecuted and manage your own existence better!


Your intense, intimate nature could wake up this week with a bang! Beware, your partner may not be willing to play Romeo and Juliet every night after your reunion, understand it! But you could tenderly and delicately rekindle the flame between you without being overbearing or overly attentive to their reactions. Let the magic happen!

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You're waiting for a promised raise that doesn't come, and its postponement may disrupt your plans. Instead of mounting pressure, you try to see the good side of things. To get satisfaction, you use practical methods. To your surprise, your efforts are rewarded. There is still a bit of a wait before you sign a golden contract, but things are well underway.

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You find it difficult to tear yourself away from the many burdens you have to bear and wish to leave to decompress. The planets are urging you to do so. Whether you are flying off to distant destinations or longing for an escape right around the corner, you will be no less anxious to lighten your schedule and enjoy the good life.

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Nothing can hinder your momentum, and the sky grants you the energy you need to overcome any task. You are literally carried along by the economic situation, and beware of anyone who dares to stand in your way. It's better to be on your side than to try to get in your way, worse to slow down your ascent!

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Advice for the week

You find it hard to discipline yourself and your partners find your demands selfish or completely crazy. You fight for pleasure, you do not measure your desires, or you mismanage your favorites and your good fortune. The outcome of this difficult passage really depends on your maturity.

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