Pisces, your love horoscope for Fall 2022

Written by Daisy

You aspire to change your relationships (personal, social, professional) and your situation. It is not (anymore) a question of being content with but of doing everything possible to broaden your horizons and live a life more aligned with your ambitions and desires. This autumn, you will have to mobilize yourself to turn the lights green, but avoid giving priority to others!

Pisces First decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2022

(19th February to 28th February)

Love: Radiance Assured!

Magnetic and eager for all kinds of pleasures at the end of September (26th) and October (1st, 12th),you will probably find it difficult to deprive yourself of anything. Count on Venus (between the 23rd and the 31st) to exalt your thirst for stories that live up to your expectations. You aspire to the exceptional and will do everything possible to give altitude to your relationships or to meet someone truly inspiring. You will benefit from an undeniable aura between November 16 and 24). Between December 10 and 18, a project that is important to you could be (or come back) on the agenda.

In Relationship

Autumn that favors your personal fulfillment. Count on Jupiter to attract abundance (financial, among others) and devour life to the fullest at the beginning of the season. Venus will sharpen your need to broaden your horizons with your partner to give momentum to your duo between October 23 and 31. You will use your charisma between November 16 and 24 to shine in all directions. You should devote your late autumn to the realization (or conception) of a tender project (between December 10 and 18)!


You will certainly intend to do what you like (even if it means throwing some money out the window) at the beginning of the season. You want everything and preferably...right away. Count on the influence of Venus (between October 23 and 31) to favor exciting encounters and extend your influence on the world around you between November 16 and 24. By the end of the season (between December 10 and 18),a friendship could evolve into a tender romance or (and) a project you hold dear.

Social Life: Buoyant Flows!

Eager for recognition at the beginning of the season, you can count on Jupiter (provided you don\'t get too greedy around September 26, October 1, and 12) to prosper. You will undoubtedly want to push back some previous limitations between October 23 and November 3. Your ambitions culminate, and you will not be afraid to take up the cause to defend them. Count on your influence in society (between November 22 and December 2) to establish your position, and why not climb the ladder or get what you covet (a raise, for example). From the 20th on, Jupiter returns to the charge and will favor your economic expansion at least until February 20.

Well-being: Spring In Your Step!

Nothing should be able to alter your cruising speed or your acceleration this autumn when the sky seems to be rolling for you. Just avoid, perhaps at the very beginning of the season, abusing the pleasures of life by overindulging in food and drink or going out every night. Your wallet will be painfully affected, and your balance may suffer. Whatever the case, the cosmos will sufficiently support you to recover quickly and roll out the season on \"on\"!

Pisces First decan: your advice for for Fall 2022

Autumn that a priori meets your expectations and should therefore please you. The only reservation to observe, perhaps? Don\'t take advantage of this period of abundance to go overboard and exceed your budget.

Pisces Second decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2022

(1st March to 10th March)

Love: Fall Cleaning!

You will work with determination at the end of September (28th). In October (12th, 14th, 23rd),break with the past (in one way or another) and positively move the lines in your family. If you aspire to widen your horizons and improve your emotional exchanges, be careful not to hurt anyone\'s feelings. They will not necessarily understand your intentions (even if they are good ones). Beware of misunderstandings that can lead to frustration (November 7, 10, 11). You will take back the reins with authority at the end of the month (28th, 30th). You should present a project without too much difficulty at the very end of the season (December 17),which could make everyone leave their comfort zone.

In Relationship

This season could bring about essential changes in your life. It is a question of drawing valuable lessons from the past to eliminate everything blocking you in the form of life (family life?) that ended up suffocating you. You need to redefine yourself in front of others according to your own codes. If the heavens are with you in your quest at the end of September and October, think carefully in November before pushing everyone around (and putting them off). In December, you can make wise decisions (on the 2nd) and then take whoever you want into your world (on the 17th).


Saturn urges you to sweep your doorstep to eliminate everything that is still taking up unnecessary space. The conjuncture will encourage you to look at yourself. It will teach you essential lessons at the end of September and October. You will not hesitate to take the necessary measures to free yourself from everything still blocking your way. Be careful in November that your thirst to broaden your horizons does not hurt anyone and does not isolate you too much. In December, you will know how to proceed to find your palace and then open the future to your liking (on the 17th).

Social Life: Move On Slowly But Surely!

Positive changes or even transformations are expected in October (12th, 14th, 23rd) when you know what to do and use subtle strategies to discreetly, but no less effectively, place your pawns on the chessboard. You can count on solid support from behind the scenes to open up new perspectives. On the other hand, beware of ambitions that are a little too openly asserted in November, which could worry those around you. Do not abuse your influence (on the 7th),energy (on the 10th),or radiance (on the 11th). You risk someone trying to slow you down! In December, by passing on your messages gently (on the 4th) and by proposing new projects, you will succeed in closing the autumn at the top.

Well-being: Patience!

Saturn is lurking in the shadows of your sign, and your decan will finally clear the floor from December 2. You will undoubtedly feel some relief. This austere planet has been forcing you for a while now to get rid of anything that could delay or even hinder your evolution. Between moments of depression and feelings of powerlessness, it has not led you to an easy life. This autumn (November),you will have to deal with its warning shots.

Pisces Second decan: your advice for for Fall 2022

To hope to unfold the season constructively, don\'t rush anything this fall. Continue to shed the dead skin of the past and avoid (in November) giving up or attacking everyone.

Pisces Third decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2022

(11th March to 20th March)

Love: Take Others Into Account!

A life project on which you will exchange cooperatively with the other at the end of September (26th, 27th) and the beginning of October (7th). Be careful not to confuse this beautiful frequency by playing the lord and master in your family around the 12th. Instead, rely on November to push back the boundaries of what is possible (10th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 21st)! Avoid imposing your perspectives on the future that not everyone will necessarily share (the 19th)! Ditto in December, when you will have too much tendency to believe you are above the law. An enthusiasm could get you into trouble and sow anxiety in the ranks.

In Relationship

A life project mobilizes you, and your partner seems willing to follow you at the end of September and October! It is up to you not to worry him around the 12th by imposing your vision of things (on the 12th). The same applies around November 19. If your dreams are about to come true, you\'d better listen to the opinion of those you love if you wish to rally the votes rather than divide them. In December, don\'t let yourself be too overwhelmed by an enthusiasm that could come across as arrogance. Once again, don\'t decide everything on your own.


If you have someone in mind (and in your heart),you\'ll know how to get them on board with your plans in late September and early October and share your dreams. However, be careful (on the 12th) not to make decisions without consulting those around you, as this could spoil the mood! In November, your aspirations start to take shape. Try not to confuse the frequency (on the 19th) by forcing others (yours) to follow you unconditionally. In December, the same advice. An excess of self-confidence to calm down to reassure your troops rather than scare them away.

Social Life: Don't Embellish The Picture Too Much!

The current goes well between you and your interlocutors. They seem to adhere to a project that should significantly impact the future at the end of September and the beginning of October. It would be a pity to try to accelerate the movement or even force your way around the 12th, 19th, and 20th. A strategy that could only get you into trouble. Focus on November (10th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 18th, and 21st) to broaden your horizons, go beyond yourself, and assert yourself. In December, on the other hand, avoid imposing your vision of the world on a hierarchy and collaborators who could be worried about seeing you ready to take off without a belt!

Well-being: A Return On Yourself is Unavoidable!

Saturn, which slips into the shadow of your sign and decan from December 3 onwards, could weaken your balance and draw on your resources. This austere planet will urge you to review your past in detail to eliminate all that is now holding you back from your existence. This could be a risk for you to undermine your morale and your physical health. A risk to be curbed by accepting the questioning of the necessary funds in conscience!

Pisces Third decan: your advice for for Fall 2022

Autumn could be creative and productive if you avoid believing that you have the reins in your hands. Assume that you need support more than traveling alone to move forward because you are not listening to others!


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