Pisces, your love horoscope for Spring 2021

Written by Daisy

Love: Serious Assets!

Venus exalts your appetite until mid-April. From April 14th to May 9th, this delicious planet favours your exchanges with those around you. It's an opportunity to communicate with each other intelligently, without creating unnecessary tensions. From May 9th, you improve your family's well-being and look after your loved ones with love and kindness. At the end of the season, Venus reinforces your charisma. Bet on your aura, amigo Pisces, to tenderly rekindle the flame.

1st decan (February 19th - February 29th): Let's Move On!

If unspoken words or injuries have disrupted your start to the year and caused tension, then this spring, you will enjoy much more favourable conditions to give your love life a fresh start. Starting May 13th, Jupiter invests in your decan and helps you to take back the reins of your destiny. Count on him to open other doors and launch a new cycle of expansion. Venus makes you want it all, and you want to satisfy your most ardent desires between March 21st and 29th and April 14th to 22nd. From May 9th to 17th, you will be at home in peace. You close the season, irresistible and charming.

2nd decan (March 1st - March 10th): Don't Run Away!

Winter has favoured the development of a life project that will only take shape in 2022. This spring keeps you under tension at the end of the season: some accounts to be settled with the past cause communication difficulties. From mid-March onwards, Saturn brings up errors, regrets, and questions about what you want, don't want or no longer want. You can start a new cycle of expansion. Count on Venus to exacerbate your desires between March 29th and April 6th and smooth things between April 22nd and April 30th. Venus greases the wheels in your family between May 17th and 25th and exalts your personal radiance between June 10th and 18th.

3rd decan (March 11th - March 20th): A Happy Period!

Until mid-May, Jupiter invites you to prepare for the future and fine-tune your strategies so that in 2022 you can launch a new cycle of expansion in full possession of your means. You feel protected by a sky that helps you prepare the ground for your future constructions. Liquidate what you no longer need so you can follow a path free of past experiences. Venus sharpens your desires, and you are greedy for everything between April 6th and 14th. This delicious planet favours your exchanges with those around you between April 30th and May 9th. You keep the peace at home between May 25th and June 2nd and seduce whoever you like between June 18th and 27th.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Don't try to speed things up. Take the time to adjust what needs to be changed before launching a new expansion cycle in full possession of your means and with full knowledge of the facts, ready to take the next step.


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