Pisces, your love horoscope for Fall 2023

Written by Daisy

A situation (social, professional, private) that's in full swing, parameters that are changing and that you're trying to get to evolve in your own way? You'll have no shortage of energy or authority to plead your cause, but it may be in the interest of some to lower their voices if they don't want to cause too much of a stir. If you want to get through the season without getting into too much trouble, you'll need to listen to others as much as you listen to yourself.

Pisces First decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2023

(19th February to 28th February)

Love: More communicative at the end of the season!

Although Saturn is tending to isolate you at the moment, so that you can concentrate on your own case, on your personal reconstruction (13th, 22nd, 24th) after a period of clearing away the past, you won\'t hesitate to take a step towards others in October (10th). In November, however, be careful not to create controversy by taking a stand and refusing to communicate openly with others (10th, 23rd, 25th). If you do, you run the risk of once again feeling a little alone in the world. Fortunately, in December, you\'ll open up again to the world around you (5th, 11th),and you\'ll be able to make tender plans (8th, 18th).

In Relationship

Not exactly communicative, rather withdrawn at present, you will nevertheless be able to listen to your partner in October (on the 10th). On the other hand, you\'re not really looking for social contact in November, when you\'ll tend to shun the world and withdraw into yourself (10th, 23rd, 25th). You won\'t really get back in touch with others until December, when contacts will be easier and more gratifying (5th, 11th) and prospects more attractive (8th, 18th).


You\'re not really inclined to connect with others at the moment. Saturn expressly invites you to draw on your past experiences to rebuild yourself on new foundations. So, if you remain somewhat attentive to others in October (10th),you\'ll ostensibly shun social and other contacts in November (10th, 23rd, 25th). It\'s only in December that you\'ll rediscover the desire to come out of your shell, to love and be loved (5th, 11th),and why not come up with exciting plans and projects that inspire you, and why not...together.

Social Life: Keep in touch!

You\'re building for the long term, to install new life principles that will reflect who you\'ve become over time and after a period of skimming your experiences in order to learn valuable lessons. In October, you\'ll put your heart and soul into pushing back certain previous limitations and opening up perspectives that make sense to you (13th, 22nd, 24th),but you\'ll have to be careful in November not to display an overly sullen attitude towards a hierarchy that might not appreciate it (10th, 23rd, 25th). Even if you\'re sure you\'re right and have the truth, wait until December to make proposals that will be well received (8th, 11th, 18th).

Well-being: Take charge!

Saturn, currently present in your sign and decan, tends to make you a little more fragile. Do you sometimes feel as though you\'ve aged ten years at once, that your joints creak and seize up, that you\'re less resistant than before? But don\'t lament the loss of your strength. Instead, make up for it with regular (but gentle) exercise and a healthy lifestyle. This is the only way to counteract or delay the effects of time on your body.

Pisces First decan: your advice for for Fall 2023

A season that leaves you feeling that time has stood still, that nothing is moving forward and that you\'re all alone in the world? Perhaps you should start by getting out of your ivory tower and making an effort to reach out to others.

Pisces Second decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2023

(1st March to 10th March)

Love: Don't spoil the party!

At the end of September (on the 25th) and into October, the current between you and the other(s) is delightfully good, with an atmosphere conducive to tender commitments (re-commitments). At the end of the month (28th, 29th),however, this is no reason for you to impose your vision of the world and how you wish to achieve it. If you do, you run the risk of being seen as a little too presumptuous and, above all, too prescriptive. So take the time in November (3rd) to explain what motivates you and legitimize your ambitions. And if people find your discourse a little too divisive, don\'t hesitate to use your charm to get your message across in December (on the 21st).

In Relationship

A delicious start to autumn awaits you. You listen to your partner and take his or her expectations into account. At the end of September (on the 25th) and in October (on the 22nd),you\'ll be engaged in a friendly dialogue. It would be a pity to spoil such a wonderful atmosphere by playing things a little too personally at the end of the month (28th, 29th),when you may be tempted to put pressure on those around you to achieve what you want. Remain open to dialogue in November (3rd) and take care not to cause too much of a stir by bringing everything back to yourself in December.


Count on the beginning of the season to hit the bull\'s-eye and why not commit to a long-term relationship. At the end of September (25th) or in October (22nd),you may be tempted to take the next step and make it official. But be careful (28th, 29th) not to jeopardize a recent romance by deciding everything and imposing your views. You\'ll only upset your loved one. In November (on the 3rd) and December, even if you\'re tempted to do as you please, keep sharing if you want to continue the journey together.

Social Life: Stay modest and listen!

A golden contract is in the offing at the end of September (25th) and in October (22nd),when your proposals hit the bull\'s-eye and people seem ready to take you at your word and follow you to the ends of the earth. It has to be said that you have the art and manner of presenting things and inspiring confidence in everyone. On the other hand, if you want to continue to bring people together, avoid acting as if you had all the rights at the end of October (28th, 29th). Express your ambitions in November (on the 3rd),but don\'t forget to involve others in your projects and your probable rise. In December, make sure you don\'t upset the frequency by going off the beaten track a little too much (21st).

Well-being: Sustained!

Jupiter continues to support your initiatives, boosts your communication and favors inspiring and gratifying encounters until November 6? Take advantage of this to multiply your positive contacts, to communicate and seduce in all directions, and to enrich your address book. You\'ll be able to fill up on fuel, energy and enthusiasm as you await the return of the zodiac giant, who will fill your sails, boost your morale and strengthen your immunity (from late February 2024).

Pisces Second decan: your advice for for Fall 2023

It\'s a season that\'s off to a good start, offering you opportunities to connect romantically and socially (at least until early November). It\'s up to you to maintain this trend by listening to their needs as well as your own.

Pisces Third decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2023

(11th March to 20th March)

Love: Take care of your communication!

In spite of your good will to serve the common cause, your messages don\'t go down well, and your humor makes people cringe at the end of September (29th). You\'ll be better inspired the following day (30th),but the energy you put into forcing everyone\'s hand in October (9th, 21st) is likely to severely mar your exchanges. The current will flow much more smoothly at the end of the month (31st) and in November (6th, 7th, 9th, 17th, 20th, 22nd),when you\'ll be able to charm others and draw them into your world. On the other hand, assume that your desires are not orders in December (3rd, 17th) if you want to keep your rating at the top.

In Relationship

Your very particular way of muddying the waters will not win unanimous approval at the end of September (29th),and your somewhat warlike strategies are unlikely to win over anyone in October (9th, 21st). At the end of the month (31st),it\'s by listening to others that you\'ll score points, as well as in November, when your projects and your ability to make those around you aware of your vision will pay off. On the other hand, if you try to manipulate everyone in December, you run the risk of sowing mistrust in the ranks.


Between your genuine desire to manage things in everyone\'s interest and your very particular sense of humor, there\'s a gap that could compromise your exchanges at the end of September (29th). Also be careful in October not to put pressure on anyone to impose your codes, ideas and methods if you don\'t want anyone to try to get in your way (the 9th, the 21st). On the other hand, your little touch of madness could have an effect at the end of the month (on the 31st) and in November, when you\'ll have the knack of attracting and retaining attention. In December, don\'t abuse your assets to manipulate everyone.

Social Life: Don't get too sidetracked!

At the end of September (30th),you\'ll be able to negotiate quite skilfully, and your original ideas will win over your contacts. The flow will be less smooth in October if you try to force the hand of professional and social partners who won\'t hear of it and will try to block your way (on the 9th, 21st). In this case, use your charm and listen to those who will appreciate it if you take their opinion into account when carrying out joint projects at the end of October (on the 31st) and in November. In December, if you want to end the autumn on the good side of your hierarchy, start by playing fair with everyone. Otherwise, some misunderstandings could get in the way (17th).

Well-being: It's up to you.

It\'s a season that will help you realize your projects, as long as you don\'t go it alone and force anyone\'s hand to achieve your goals. At the risk of alienating the support of those you need to succeed.

Pisces Third decan: your advice for for Fall 2023

It\'s certainly not by thinking you have all the power and trying to manipulate everyone that you\'ll manage to land the moon this autumn. Instead, opt for a collaborative version of the initiatives you need to take to seduce and convince.


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