Pisces: your daily horoscope on the 24th of April 2021

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You're going to be deeply inspired today, and your instincts will guide you in the right direction. Make the most of it to ditch certain bad habits that you can live without now, particularly where food is concerned.



Your internal walls are crumbling today. You will get the greatest satisfaction out of your relations with those close to you.

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Discussions will throw some light on to your future and you'll get more cooperation from your partner. If you are single, get away from the beaten track and ditch those pointless fears.

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You're going to be taken seriously, and succeed as a result. Admit that it helps you to affirm yourself more. Don't hide yourself away.

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It's a very good day for absorbing new information - your memory will be on fire!

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The moon is in Virgo, in position 26 degre(s),26 minute(s): Sensitivity dominated by reason. Modesty, caution, atmosphere of neatness, nervousness, chattiness.

First decan

19th February to 28th February

You are in love and want to have the perfect romance. This type of romance isn't like you. You're imagining an extraordinary love, like in a novel, that will sweep you off your feet. Your yearn to leave the everyday

Second decan

1st March to 10th March

and don't feel at all like getting to work on your accounts at the office or dealing with the mail. You will run the other way and hope no one notices your slacking. You should know better than that: you've been seen.

Third decan

11th March to 20th March

Your tastes are, in general, rather eclectic, and you like to mix various types together. You pick out shapes and colors according to what they make you feel. Today, you will give into much more simple trends.

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