Leo's horoscope for September 2023

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for September 2023

Determined to defend your interests, to express your potential, you go beyond yourself to obtain a promotion or to change your social and professional destiny. If some of you have to deal with financial obstacles, others enjoy ideal conditions to move forward. But avoid using your charm to get your way.

Leo: Mood for September 2023

Jupiter favors your advancement and your hierarchy wants to trust you. This dynamism allows you to move up to the top. But don't use your charm too much to support your files

Leo: Love for September 2023

Your charm and thoughtfulness will bear fruit and lead you to focus on the essentials in love, even if you are most interested in the smooth running of your business. Avoid using your influence to strengthen them.

In couple: if you were wondering about your commitments and the legitimacy of your relationship, you draw the right lessons from these questions and you review your approach of the link.

Single: you are approaching love, strengthened by the lessons learned from a step backwards which has allowed you to review your priorities, to better define the image you wish to give of yourself.

Leo: Money for September 2023

Nothing stands in the way of your progress, you plead your case with talent and success. This is the time to dare, to value your skills so that you are granted what you are asking for.

Leo: Work for September 2023

You are exploiting and expressing your talents which allow you to excel in your field and make a strong impression in high places. If you want to take a step forward, get a promotion or a raise, now is the time. On the other hand, avoid being a smart aleck.

Leo: Leisure for September 2023

With predictable success, you want to treat yourself, to spend your money to improve your image, for prestige. Don't give in too much to the temptation to show off.

Leo: Key dates for September 2023

-The 4th: you negotiate well and people cannot resist the long list of your talents and merits. Doors are opening in front of you.
-On the 8th: a raise, a promotion in sight, you bet on your social influence to make an impression and to get the job of your dreams, a social position that exalts you.
-The 16th: If you want to change your job, your direction, or even your life, seize every opportunity that comes your way. Whether you want to break with the past, take an original path or simply change your methods, you have everything you need to take a step forward.
-The 17th: avoid using your charm to reinforce your progress. This kind of initiative sows doubt, even mistrust, in people's minds.
-The 29th: Endowed with a great power of seduction, do not take advantage of this radiance to influence events to your advantage. Continue to rely on your talents and merits, it is safer.

Leo: Advice for September 2023

This month offers you great opportunities to earn more, to stand out from the crowd and to impress the gallery. An evolution, a growth, to be maintained by taking care of your performances and by avoiding to play the star.

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