Sagittarius's horoscope for September 2021

Written by Daisy

Sagittarius: Astral Climate for September 2021

The Sun, Mercury, Venus (until the 10th), Mars (from the 15th), Jupiter, and Saturn support you for most of the month. The Sun illuminates your personality until the 22nd. Even if Mercury in retrograde slows down your exchanges and movements, it allows you to maintain good communication with all your partners. Venus brings you a lot of charm, and you can seduce a superior as well as a client, an audience, or a future soulmate. Mars slows down your activities a bit, but from the 15th onwards, your work is more and more fulfilling. Doors open and associations are born. Jupiter will keep you in good luck and give you opportunities to blossom. Saturn will strengthen your assets and prevent you from going overboard. In short, this is a month that you would like to have more of!

Sagittarius: Mood for September 2021

You are looking to make a project a reality. You gather your friends, relatives, and potential partners to develop your arguments and express your expectations. From the 10th onwards, you go back into your shell to analyze your motivations, feelings, and emotions in-depth. You guess that a new page in your emotional life is about to open. To continue or branch out in your life, you need this period of retreat, which allows you to calmly take stock of your achievements and expectations. This will encourage you to make the best decisions for your future and avoid many disillusions.

Sagittarius: Love for September 2021

Your exchanges with those around you contribute to exposing your projects. Take advantage! From the 10th onwards, you will withdraw to study your love life more closely and decide what is worth preserving, improving and what you need to give up to feel at your best with the other person and yourself. Your circle of friends can be a great help, whether it's talking heart-to-heart with someone close to you or finding the right person for you in your current relationships. While the sky is very promising, beware of Neptune, which at times confuses the issue or leads you down a blind alley. Trust your common sense rather than your intuition, which is not always a good advisor.

Sagittarius: Money for September 2021

Your friends could point out some good investment plans, but stay alert and don't rush into anything. Until the 10th, Venus grants you some beautiful moments of luck, and you could try (reasonably) a game of chance. Jupiter protects your income on a larger scale, and Saturn helps you manage your budget wisely. From the 15th onwards, your activities will pick up a good rhythm and should bring you rewards, a bonus or a pleasant surprise in terms of your results. Your enthusiastic temperament helps you to act with zeal, but be careful not to let yourself be tempted by impulsive and often futile spending.

Sagittarius: Work for September 2021

Your sense of responsibility reassures your partners, and they trust you. However, your sometimes impulsive reactions may disconcert your colleagues or associates, so don't put too much feeling or emotion into your work. Your energy and optimism enhance your popularity and allow you to build on a solid foundation. Would you like to lighten your schedule, work more independently, train in another discipline, or even change your job? All this is possible in September if you don't ask for too much. Don't use your popularity to manipulate a seemingly benevolent hierarchy, be attentive and sensitive to exaggerations.

Sagittarius: Leisure for September 2021

Your work absorbs a lot of physical and nervous energy. You need to relax. The best times are always spent in adventure, experimentation, and discovery. In the second half of the year, you will find it easy to find partners for games or sports in your circle of friends. Take advantage of this opportunity to get back into physical exercise in good company. Treat yourself to a good restaurant from time to time (without losing sight of your figure). It is in the balance between effort and pleasure that you will find the most satisfaction and that you will remain in Olympic shape.

Sagittarius: Key dates for September 2021

- On the 2nd, you are putting a lot of energy into your work. Those close to you may resent you for putting your ambitions before them.

- On the 7th, the New Moon puts your professional activity in the foreground. You are looking to free yourself from burdensome constraints. This is the time to plead your case.

- On the 14th, mobilized by your activity, you neglect your loved ones who think you are abandoning them for personal ambitions.

- On the 20th, you explain your projects, and your interlocutors give you their support. The Full Moon recommends that you take care of your loved ones and be present.

- On the 27th, discussions get bogged down, and exchanges will not really resume until October 18th. Be patient.

Sagittarius: Advice for September 2021

Act with delicacy to prepare your future without offending sensitivities, share your dreams. Take a step back from the situation, let everyone feel loved, and support your initiatives. Your priority in September is to carry out a project and gather the means and the people you need to carry it out. To stay in shape in September, connect with your aspirations without wanting everything right away.

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