Libra's horoscope for October 2023

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for October 2023

A new cycle begins on your birthday. You are determined to defend your interests, to win your case, but take the necessary distance to evaluate the situation calmly. Any abuse of power will not work for you. But, if you operate after careful consideration, you are more likely to succeed.

Libra: Mood for October 2023

No problem likely to alter your desire to fully enjoy a favorable conjuncture. but do not exaggerate (the 28th, the 29th).

Libra: Love for October 2023

You express your ardor and sensuality in the secret of the alcove (the 22nd). Naughty naps are more satisfying than big public statements.

In couple: you will be more fulfilled emotionally by cultivating your love on the quiet than by cooing in the public square in October where your impulses will not be expressed any better than in the secret of the alcove.

Single: there is no question of revealing a budding romance, you cultivate a taste for secrecy. Whether you are having an illegitimate affair or you do not want to expose your love publicly, you could, in the shadows, live a strong story (the 22nd).

Libra: Money for October 2023

If Jupiter increases your income, this is no reason to go overboard (28th, 29th).

Libra: Work for October 2023

Whether you've recently signed a contract or not, you're seeing an increase in revenue. Unless there is a business development that suggests a bright future. Whatever business you have going on, the context remains promising (22nd), but don't ask for too much (28th, 29th).

Libra: Leisure for October 2023

You choose activities that you can develop without disclosing them, whether it is a tendency to speculate, create or cultivate your loves in the greatest secrecy.

Libra: Key dates for October 2023

-The 9th: Beware of conflicts in the family if you decide that you are right about everything or if you impose your rules on everyone. Your loved ones do not like your methods which make everyone tense.
-On the 13th: to defend your interests in a productive way, show that you manage your daily tasks conscientiously and leave nothing to chance to make a good impression on everyone.
-On the 22nd: you will enjoy your love life the most by learning from your past experiences or (and) by living your love life in the privacy of the alcove. Not by sharing your stories or by proclaiming your happiness loud and clear.
-The 28th: do not force the hand of those in power who do not like your demands. They will refuse you what you demand too loudly for their taste.
-The 31st: You take pleasure in living your love life in the shadows and you take advantage of it to experiment with different pleasures.

Libra: Advice for October 2023

October offers you the opportunity to grow materially and emotionally. The key to your happiness lies in your ability to live it out without letting it slip and to control your finances.

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