Cancer's horoscope for October 2023

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for October 2023

You will have a lot of projects in your head and in your heart in a private sphere where you will communicate your desire to expand your horizons. To ensure that the current flows without generating conflict or interference, do not impose anything on anyone, do not try to make everyone happy without consulting them on their wishes, thus avoiding trouble.

Cancer: Mood for October 2023

By the 9th, everything you desire will come true and everything you undertake will work. It would be a shame to sow distrust by turning into a dictator at the end of the month.

Cancer: Love for October 2023

Jupiter favors your projects and you love to communicate about them with your loved ones under the spell. You will get your messages across and influence minds and hearts to your advantage (22nd). Be careful, however, that your power of seduction does not disguise a desire to convince at all costs (the 28th, the 29th).

In couple: your prospects for the future are exciting and promising and you are delighted to share them with those who love you and are ready to follow you (on the 22nd). Be careful however (28th, 29th) not to force their hand.

Single: in October, you are evolving in an atmosphere where everything becomes possible. Rely on your radiance and your eloquence (on the 22nd) to take on board whoever you like or you like in the adventure. Avoid putting pressure on them (28th, 29th).

Cancer: Money for October 2023

You are granted what you ask for (on the 22nd), but on the 28th and 29th, do not ask for more than you expect, because this is interpreted as an abuse of power.

Cancer: Work for October 2023

Your October projects have every chance of succeeding. Your radiance and wit will work wonders on your interlocutors who will become fervent admirers (the 22nd). But do not rush them afterwards (28th, 29th).

Cancer: Leisure for October 2023

You're in the mood to party, to go out with friends or lovers, everything smiles to you. No question of depriving yourself, of limiting yourself, but rather of enjoying yourself without counting the cost.

Cancer: Key dates for October 2023

-The 9th: beware of conflicts in the family if you want to lead everyone, your loved ones do not appreciate the method. Your attitude is likely to generate confrontations where no one is completely honest.
-The 13th: you are not lacking in arguments or ardor to draw the other into your world. But since your ambitions are concrete and long term, there is nothing to frighten the other person.
-The 22nd: the current is going well between you and those around you who are under your spell. Conquered by your radiance and your enthusiastic projects, they are ready to believe you and follow you to the ends of the earth...and your dreams.
-The 28th: do not force anything, if you impose your methods, your desires on others, you will cool their ardor. Stay attentive and trustworthy in their eyes.
-The 31st: You are communicating about a project that surprises and confuses your loved ones, but that you make delightfully attractive. An opportunity to share, to glean support.

Cancer: Advice for October 2023

October gives you a smile. A tendency that will continue all month long if you do not take the present happiness for granted (28th, 29th).

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